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Vaste Aire x Justin Hunte x Rob Markman x Interview (video)

Vast Aire w/ some new interviews w/ Justin Hunte and Rob Markman. Some of our live material was used in the intro’s (without our permission) at around :44 seconds in on both videos is footage from a¬†show we recorded many years ago in JP with Vast Aire. Quality interviews I always that Vast was a very talented guy.

Vast Aire ft Kenyattah Black – The Cannon of Samus (video)

Man Bites Dog Records and Fat Beat Records are proud to present Vast Aire feat Kenyattah Black in “The Cannon of Samus” music video from the new Vast Aire album “OX 2010: a street odyssey” will comes out May 31st 2011. Song is produced by Arewhy. Video directed by RML. Please continue to support independent art and repost this video as much as you can. The Odyssey begins May 31st 2011.