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Copywrite – I have Weed About to Drop

Copywrite releases a new track and new strain of weed called “Copywrite78” on 420. The song also has a 7in vinyl release on Man Bites Dog Records. This one’s a slapper and also produced by Copywrite. Check it out below and some more info on the whole Thang.

“I’ve always been a high tolerance smoker and I’ve always wanted to create my own perfect strain that did what I wish other strains could. 

Let me introduce you to my own weed strain. It’s called “Copywrite78”. It’s been cultivated by the good folks at steel city home grown out of Canada. I told them I wanted a high power indica that is potent enough to give someone who is prescribed adderall couch lock. That’s what we’ve got. The ultimate “get-you-dumb-high” strain that you don’t really have to use too much to get blitzed- unless you like to be dumb high like me. Then roll up and let my strain work. 

I was so happy at the results of the strain (I won’t  name the cross strains just yet. I don’t want anyone to copy my shit just yet.) that I decided to write a love song to my new favorite strain. I produced the beat for this song also, so this is the most Copywrite song ever when you consider it’s by me, produced by me and inspired by my very own strain titled, “Copywrite78”. Huge shout out to my man DJ SWAB for killing the cuts on this so with no further ado; Steel City Homegrown in conjunction with the high exalted proudly present in part with Man Bites Dog Records, my love song to my own strain. 

I call it “I have weed about to drop freestyle” is the actual title. Roll up.” – Copywrite

Limited Edition 7 inch Lathe with “I have weed about to drop freestyle” on Side A & Jeah 2 on Side B – 20 copies for– $20— 20 – 4- 20 on Man Bites Dog Records Bandcamp.

Artwork by Awol One

Molemen VS MHz 70 Minute Freestyle

Here’s a legendary cipher than can only be found here at thecryptonline.com (i think? I couldnt find it on youtube ive had this 15 years). The legendary Molemen from Chicago team up with the incredible MHz from Columbus Ohio. They kill it for 70 minutes straight of battering beats and bars.

Copywrite – The K.I.N.G.

Copywrite has just dropped another great LP and to celebrate that, he released this new track to show he’s still got it even though he’s gone the Christ route… Yes thats right, Copywrite has been saved, he’s found Jesus! This track is good but its too preachy for me, that’s the problem with rappers or artists going “religious” , it’s cool that they’re into it but then it becomes their job to shove it down the throats of anyone who will listen. I’ll continue to listen to Copywrite and I’m still a very big fan and have a ton of respect for his craft, he’s easily one of the most consistent rappers as far as dropping dope material but can he continue that tradition if he’s pushing Christianity? We’ll have to wait and see. But since he’s gone Christian I’d love to see him and Datin (once rugged ass rapper turned Christian) put in some work together that would be an awesome collabo and they might add some new people to their flock.