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The Listening Sesh (Trailer)

The HipHopHeads Podcast Presents:
The Listening Sesh

Welcome to our brand new podcast we’re launching alongside The HipHopHeads Podcast called “The Listening Sesh”. As much as we can, we will review rap albums from the past, present and future (send advance copies). We will take listener, rapper and producer submissions. We will critique every album that crosses our path with fairness. Of course we will have negative reviews from time to time, everything cant be Illmatic, ya know? So please if you’re easily offended by people critiquing your art remember, these are our opinions and we above all respect the work anyone puts in but that doesn’t mean we have to respect the outcome. We will dive in giving you a comprehensive view of the albums we choose to dissect. These shows will be different than The HipHopHeads Podcast, as we’re not going to touch on any other subjects not relevant to the album were criticizing. Tap in and subscribe, please listen to the albums with us and feel free to give your ratings in the comment sections. We will hear from us very, very soon!