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Christ Bearer Speaks to Vice About Cutting Off His Penis

Christ Bearer of Northstar opens up about smoking PCP and cutting off his penis. It’s truly a tragic story. This is an older video if i recall correctly, I’m not sure if Christ Bearer is in a better place or not but I hope he is. Last year, Meko The Pharaoh of Northstar passed away after a battle with some health issues.

Onest DCR ft Kinetic9 aka Beretta9 – Chambers Of Death

Got this joint last week from The Supervisor last week and it features our friend Onest DCR and features Kinetic9 aka Beretta9 of Killarmy. Chambers of Death is a slapper, Onest can spit his ass off and Kinetic9 is a legend and the two sound really good together over this haunting beat. Get well soon Onest!

RJ Payne Ft. Method Man x Inspectah Deck – Bring The Payne (Prod. Cartune Beatz)

RJ Payne is easily one of the illest rappers right now. His concepts are top tier, and lyrically he’s a murderer. He gets up with Method Man and Deck again and serves up a slapper. Payne!

The HipHopHeads Podcast: Bonus Episode (GZA/Genius Harvard Lecture)

The GZA has been in Boston the past fews days visiting the most elite schools in the country picking scientists and other genius brains. The other day he stopped by Harvard University and gave a lecture for the Black Mens Forum and basically told the story of his life. The Crypt was in the place to be and we we’re taking video which was prohibited…. Sadly our video was shot basically at the wall but I was able to extract the audio for your listening pleasure. I wasnt able to catch the whole thing but I got about 30 mins of the event. It was a really cool event and it was really nice to hear the story of the GZA from the GZA.

Recently someone requested that I re-up my GZA/Genius Harvard Lecture, I really had trouble tracking this down via my own files but thankfully some friends specifically Claaa7 from Wu-Tang Corp/claaa7 blogspot came through with the assist as they saved my OG upload, salute! You can download the OG file and see the OG post HERE. You can listen to this episode on any podcast app, please subscribe, rate, comment.

Ghostface Killah Crowns Best Storytelling Rap Song

Ghostface weighs in on what he thinks is the best storytelling song in hiphop with songs picked by Complex. This is quite an interesting segment and I really like Ghosts take on all these and it’s his writing process is amazing.

Revalation ft God ILLA – Wu Wednesday

Rev just hit me up with a fire joint he cooked up with God ILLA, called Wu Wednesday and because it’s Wu Wednesday we had to serve Y’all. DJ Flipcyide with the cuts. Really nice track here. Btw going forward I’ll have a wu tang related post every Wednesday.