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Bag of Tricks Cat Served C&D over His New Album

Bag of Tricks Cat has been served a C&D over His New Album “Felix Chevrolet” by NBC and Felix Chevrolet in Southern California. Because of this, he must take down the album for sale and streaming which is a shame. So get it and listen while you can, give it some support. Heres the word from the Cat himself.

The album has been pulled from Bandcamp so I’m not sure if any physicals can still go out. Stream the album still on Spotify,

also peep the video for Bad Habits here,

The Realness: Life, Death and Disease Prodigy of Mobb Deep

I’ve been a Mobb Deep fan forever, this pic i took at his last show before he got locked up for 3 years. While I loved Mobb Deep and Prodigys music his illness was always an afterthought. The hard lyrics and exterior made you think he was invincible, but like all of us he is human. Recently, WNYC released a podcast called The Realness which went in depth on Prodigys life, his disease and the mystery behind his death.

The show is extremely well done and tasteful, and it brings a lot of awareness to the disease that prodigy dealt with all of his life. So if you can subscribe at the link below. If you’ve heard it already I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

The Realness Podcast