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M-Dot – Daze of Greed (Album)

The homie M-Dot drops his new album March 8th called Daze of Greed. The production, the features and M-Dot himself just taking it to the next level. I’ve heard some gems off this one and I’m excited to jump in and digest the whole thing. BIG UP TO M-DOT AND THE WHOLE EMS CREW! Proud of you brother. PreOrder album below on Bandcamp help support our brother and stream it everywhere! Run them numbers up!

M-Dot ft. Grand Puba – Run Along (video)

M-Dot and I have been talking behind the scenes about this one and he was teasing it to me about how much I’d love this one. He wasn’t wrong. Love the NBA Jam theme of the video and the track as a whole. Puba is still one of the greatest. This one’s produced by The Mighty V.I.C. And cuts by Dom2er and 7L. Big up to M-Dot, his new album is dropping very soon!