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Molemen VS MHz 70 Minute Freestyle

Here’s a legendary cipher than can only be found here at thecryptonline.com (i think? I couldnt find it on youtube ive had this 15 years). The legendary Molemen from Chicago team up with the incredible MHz from Columbus Ohio. They kill it for 70 minutes straight of battering beats and bars.

Jakki Interview with CoolWhateva

Jakki Da Motamouth “Interview”

I didnt want to sound corny and say..
“Kids you should have safe sex or you can catch a disease if you dont wear a condom”

The man behind the critically acclaimed albums
God Vs Satan & Psycho Circus

Ladies and gentlemen.. I present to you Mr.Rubin also known as

Jakki Da Motamouth.

– So Jakki, Where did you grow up?

Jakki: Columbus, Ohio raised mostly in Sutton Square apartment complex

– and how did you first get in contact with hip hop?

Jakki: radio….“Fly girls” by The Boogie Boys was the first song that made me completely like hip hop then came beat street,breakin 2, run dmc,LL , big daddy kane, etc.

– Can you tell us a little bit more about rhyme style? And your inspirations?

Jakki: I was introduced thru MHZ as a punchline/battle/shock value MC, but once i put out my first solo album, “God vs Satan” I let fans in on my storytelling side… my inspirations were ghetto boys, anything off of Rap Alot Records at that time, Big Daddy Kane, and then eventually some locals like intalec, phizz ed, (funk friends) and then all of my old “Opium Prodigy” members. Now days it’s hard to say…Copy has lines so he inspires me to keep writing better punches…country music helps inspire me with stories, cats like DJ Prizm(RIP), Blueprint, Walter Rocktight kept me doin music along with Copy…and a little Jay z/Nas/Camron/ on the mainstream side of things

– Who would you like to work with and who have you worked with in the past?

Jakki: I have worked with Weathermen, Vakill, Prime, Blueprint,DJ Prizm,Napps n Dread (a dope florida cat) just recorded a song with Copy for Killa Preist’s new stuff…would like to work with some of the old heads i use to work wit in regards to songs… also Premier obviously, Guru, souls of mischief, and maybe some new cats that have skill… Walter Rocktight because we think alike idea wise and of course RJD2. 

– Do you miss the mhz days? (and if yes) – what do you miss most about it?

Jakki: I do miss those days… to be quite honest once you become popular you have alot of label owners that nitt pick and choose one out of all of you and then you do your solo thing. Sometimes it fucks up everything you had goin on with the group because these cats(lablels owners) all wanna take you in different directions. it causes break ups, beefs, and sometimes mess up friendships..I miss the chemistry we all had …we all had something different to bring to the table and you put that together you had a diverse group so a fan is gonna say “Camu is my favorite because he has an abstract style” or Jakki has good punches and similies, Copy has a dope delivery and punches ..Tage has very dope word play and that RJ has dope beats.

– What do you think of most rappers out there right now? Any likes or dislikes?

Jakki: Put it like this….I could make another “I hate what is goin on in rap right now i.e. F.H.H. song” but it is not worth my time at this point… I dont like all these rappers using auto tunes in every song they drop. Jay z beat me to a song about this new Roger troutman phenomenon. I do like alot of west coast battlers im hearin nowdays and some on this side. I like Cam’rons song ” I use to get it in Ohio” . I like some of the new stuff comin out from us…

– One of my favorite Jakki joints would prolly be“Positive Rap”, could you tell us alittle bit about the creative process of writing that song?

Jakki: I like psycholgical thrillers because you cant really predict the ending…i wanted to make a positive song to counter alot of the negatives I have out there…. I wanted to make a song promoting safe sex despite what some of my other shock value punchlines suggested … I didnt want to sound corny and say..“Kids you should have safe sex or you can catch a disease if you dont wear a condom” …so i did like I usually do and threw myself in a scenario where i would be a “victim” of a bad doctor visit…and that way if you look at how the character reacted to his diagnosis (which was to give it to others) it makes you think twice….make you wonder what if this really happened and you were sleeping with one of his victims then at the same time I wanted to show you how getting mad and acting irresponsible just because you are angry can have its own consequense. Instead of dude mannin up and just dealin with the consequense of his mistakes, he decided to take it out on people who had no part in how he got the disease in the first place. I didnt want to say the name of the disease I allowed most people to assume. Good job people! 

– What´s your favorite rap joint of all time?
Jakki: “Bring it on” Ghetto Boys

– Favorite flick?

Jakki: It´s between “Boondox Saints” “Equilibrium”and “No Country for Old Men..

– Any upcoming projects?

Jakki: i’m workin on a solo album right now tentatively titled “The Death of Jakki Da Motamouth” also me and Copy working on material

– Where could we get ahold of your music or for show bookings?

Jakki: all my music can be found online at spots like www.undergroundhiphop.com, CD Baby, Best Buy.com we just re released “Tablescraps” MHZ on Man Bites Dog Records that can be founs in Major chains like Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, etc. you can order Psycho Circus directly from www.eartothegrindmusic.com or itunes 

– Any Last words or shout outs!

Jakki: shout out to all my fans and haters alike(haters know who they are)…Walter Rocktight, King Dom, Copywrite,Tage,Meta4ce,Catalyst,Intalec, Chris Cardwell,Napps, Dankcharnrley and too many others to name i’ll shout yall out on the album 

Interview by Maroon Burgess