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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 38 (25 Years of Jedi Mind Tricks)

www.thecryptonline.com Presents The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 38 (25 Years of Jedi Mind Tricks)
Vega and Bonafide get up and start the show with new music, we speak on the tear Boldy James is on right now. Common, Curren$y, Alchemist and Roc Marciano have a show next week in Boston. Copywrite celebrates 20 Years of The High Exhaulted. Finally, we do a deep dive into Jedi Mind Tricks, one of our favorite hiphop groups. They have been consistently making music now for 25 years! We discuss our first impressions, how we found Jedi Mind Tricks, our favorite tracks and much more. Don’t sleep on this episode it was a fun one. If youre not familiar with JMT strap in we’re giving you a crash course.


AOTP Introduces Their Newest Member V-Zilla

Announced a couple days ago, Houston rapper V-Zilla has been added to the roster of AOTP! I’ve been a fan of V-Zilla’s for a decade and he actually used to talk to him on the Castro boards, I believe he made a collabo album with him in the past as well. AOTP has a new album droppin’ this year. Check out V-Zilla’s latest album on iTunes.

V-Zilla ft Reef The Lost Cauze and Blacastan – Duck Season


Damn I been a V-Zilla fan for years, ever since his collabs with Castro back in the day along with him being a Castro Board member oh the good ol days lol. Anyways V-Zilla is still around and he’s teamed up with Blacastan and Reef! This is a trio! Blacastan killed it he speaks to me for real “Round the time Dee Brown did the blind man dunk I was stealing BMX’s bullying chumps” Aint that the truth haha