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Cool C To Be Executed Tomorrow

Cool C
Philly hip-hop legend Cool C probably best known for his beef with the Juice Crew or being a partner in crime with rap brethren Steady B is being sentenced to death tomorrow. If you don’t know the story Steady B and Cool C robbed a bank in 96 which went way wrong. Steady B was the getaway driver and they did get away but not before a silent alarm was tripped and the police showed up. Cool C in a not so cool move shot the officer that responded a female officer mind you and killed her. Steady B is serving a life sentence for the crime, Cool C being the trigger man was sentenced to death… 19 years later Cool C’s time has come and he must pay for the crime he committed. Cool C and Steady B’s legacy to Philly hiphop is undeniable but sadly their actions has tarnished the great music they made.

R.I.P. Cool C.
Steady B

R.I.P. Kevlaar 7

R.I.P. Kevlaar 7

In some sad news it seems that Kevlaar 7 has passed away. Probably best known for being a Wu-Tang affiliate MC/Producer with his Brother Bronze Nazareth in the group The Wisemen. I guess Kevlaar had a rare blood disorder of some sort and died from complications from that. It’s a damn shame when talented folks go too soon. Our condolences to Kevlaar and his fam, friends and fans.

R.I.P. Lau Kar-leung


Lau Kar-lueng was the best, an amazing martial artist, director, choreographer and actor. If you don’t know of him he directed the classic The 36th Chamber of Shaolin with Gordon Liu, He also directed Drunken Master II. Not only was he an awesome director but he also created the unforgettable sword to one of my favorite movies “The One Armed Swordsman” which he also choreographed, along with another one of my favorites “Jade Bow” and “Master of The Flying Guillotine”.

Kung Fu films wont be the same.