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Canibus vs Dizaster…. Can he bus? No he can’t…

You may or may not know that one of the biggest battles ever took place last night. It’s been hyped for months and we been hyping it as well, it’s sponsored by our friends Planet X Records and they even flew out from Boston to catch the show. The word around the cypher is Canibus choked hard. I think everyone was expecting Bis to drop gems as hes done on dozens of tracks over the years. In my opinion Canibus had a lot riding on this. He’s dropped multiple albums, some classic records, some classic diss tracks, has stolen the show on multiple albums and last night he threw it all away to battle Dizaster of KOTD and failed his peers and fans.

I’m a big fan of Canibus and that can be seen cuz I post his stuff semi regularly. While I’m not a fan of all his shit their is a good chunk of it which I do love, his work with the Lost Boyz is timeless. Last night was just horror show, Canibus started semi strong in the first round with some good lines, some used lines, which had the crowd roaring, and he looked like he was having fun but 3:00 mins into round one he just toppled. One moment the crowd was loving Canibus hanging on every word then all of sudden… Silence. The crowd chanted for him kinda like Ali vs Holmes but this time Holmes hadn’t even fought back yet. What could’ve been another shining moment in a pretty good career turned into a black cloud of shame which I believe won’t leave the realm of Canibus’s head for some time. He even resorted to pulling out the loose leaf and tried to spit off paper which ended ironically in a disaster.

Sadly, I think that was the end of Canibus unless he does another battle for the love. I’m sure it was bittersweet for Dizaster putting the ol’ dog to sleep. I know this post seems like let’s hate Canibus but I don’t  i’ll always check for Canibus material and support whatever he does, and i’ll do my best to try and erase this from the memory banks. But props to him for giving it a go not backing out, and showing up in a sling for some reason. I think many rappers wouldn’t have the guts to do this sort of thing knowing whats on the line especially when you’re a legend but 99% of the dudes from his era wouldn’t be up for the challenge, never mind show up for it. The debate of LL vs Canibus will never end but it’s crystal clear  who won this one. Props to Dizaster.

I guess real rappers bleed in the trenches…. – Canibus KOTD