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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Bonus Episode (Pumpkinhead vs Yak Ballz at Braggin’ Rights)

The HipHopHeads Podcast
Bonus Episode: Pumpkinhead vs Yak Ballz
This lost audio is from the legendary Braggin’ Rights battle which I believe took place in 2000 (correct me if im wrong and ill fix this) which the finals were Yak Ballz vs Pumpkinhead aka PH (RIP). I’ve never heard the audio for this where you find out who the winner is, but when I spoke to PH he told me he took the W that night. There was video of this floating around online back then but it seems to be lost to time now. I was inspired to bring out this old tape as a new book has been released by Brian Kayser called “Rock, Rock, Rock, On:The Robert “PH” Diaz Story. Its out now which can cop from the link below. I hope you enjoy the audio, grab the book, and who do you think won the battle??

Buy Rock, Rock, Rock On: The Robert PH Diaz Story HERE

Super Bowl MC Battle – Cambridge, MA, USA – Jan. 31, 2000

Legendary battle just released by quest some of the legends include, c rayz Walz, k to the I, esoteric, virtuoso, Pumpkinhead, jaysaun, sage Francis, akrobatik and many more! This is crazy!

Madchild vs Daylyt (King of the Dot Rap Battle)

Drake & KOTD Present Mad Child of Swollen Members vs Daylyt from Watts, CA. Madchild’s second KOTD Rap Battle, although he has a few stumbles he overall performs very well vs likely one of the best Daylyt’s we have ever seen. Granted Madchild took this battle in the middle of a tour, and had a show after the battle if I am not mistaken. The battle is very entertaining from both sides, I think Madchild will do better in his next match, respect to both!