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Savageland – Baba Vanga feat. DJ Grazzhoppa (Official Video)

The homies Weapon E.S.P. And Ghost in the Machine are Savageland and this is their latest video from their latest project Savageland II. This tracks fire, hell the whole album is fire. Listening Sesh for this album dropping soon!

Stove God Cook$ Let Him Cook Tour w/ Feed the Family and Al.Divino (video)

Stove God Cooks came thru Boston last night with a deep crew from the Boston area. The Yutes while billed, were a no show. The show Imo started late but the DJ was good and far better than listening to bum openers in most cases. My one gripe with the DJ is playing the artists who are performing on the bill music. Rookie move. The turnout was slimmer than I expected but performers rocked like they were at superbowl halftime show.

1st people up was Feed the Family, a solid crew of MC’s from the Boston area 4 in total and they’re very, very, good. Really solid performers and the tracks they played were all really dope. I got one of their new joints filmed below. If you get a chance see them live, and support their music. Teflon Hoot from the crew aka Bori Rock has really been on a tear as well.

2nd Al.Divino was up I felt his set fell short. Nothing against him Imo he’s a great rapper, but his set was marred with bad sound. The engineer was a complete failure and it really brought the set down. At one point towards the end of the set, he brought out The Hidden Character which was dope but unfortunately his mic was completely cut off by the engineer and you couldn’t hear a single bar.

The headliner was obviously Stove God Cook$ and he tore it down. He sounded great! Oh there’s a reason for that they brought out wireless mics for his set and it was 1000x better. It was essentially request night, he didn’t seem to have much of a prepared set list but he performed anything people shouted out. I was convinced he’d perform John Starks but he did not and I was extremely disappointed as I would’ve shouted it thru the middle east had I suspected it.

All in all a great night of hiphop for Bonafide and I, but quite long. My old ass dies from standing for so long. My show days are numbered… Anyway,


Peep the video of the show below.

The Supervisor x King Author – CASH. UP. FRONT.

The Supervisor and King Author two of Mass’s finest team up once again to bring us CASH. UP. FRONT. A few things to go over, I love this beat, sounds like some 80s elevator music with a hardbody twang to it. The improvements of The Supervisor and King Author with every release is just crazy at this point. These two just keep getting better with age and push eachother to greater heights on the mic. Tap in to this one, Hi-Speed is killing it right now.

M-Dot – Daze of Greed (Album)

The homie M-Dot drops his new album March 8th called Daze of Greed. The production, the features and M-Dot himself just taking it to the next level. I’ve heard some gems off this one and I’m excited to jump in and digest the whole thing. BIG UP TO M-DOT AND THE WHOLE EMS CREW! Proud of you brother. PreOrder album below on Bandcamp help support our brother and stream it everywhere! Run them numbers up!

M-Dot ft. Grand Puba – Run Along (video)

M-Dot and I have been talking behind the scenes about this one and he was teasing it to me about how much I’d love this one. He wasn’t wrong. Love the NBA Jam theme of the video and the track as a whole. Puba is still one of the greatest. This one’s produced by The Mighty V.I.C. And cuts by Dom2er and 7L. Big up to M-Dot, his new album is dropping very soon!

The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 70 (North$ide Dro)
The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 70: North$ide Dro

Greetings! We’re back and we brought our good friend North$ide Dro! He just dropped a new album called Revenue and he’s at The HHH Lair to discuss it with us. We talk movies, music McMahon, Killer Mike winning while simultaneous losing and so much more! Check us out and support.

Pick up North$ide Dro’s new album everywhere! Links are below!

IG : Noth$ide Dro Instagram
Bandcamp: Buy Revenue Here
Merch: North$ide Shop

North$ide Dro – Revenue

My brother North$ide Dro has dropped his long awaited album Revenue. This has been a long time in the making and we’ve all been harassing him for years to drop an album and finally, it’s happened! Revenue is amazing. Proving that Dro has the chops to hang with anyone in the game. Check this one out! This is a big Crypt co sign! Please run the numbers up and support our guy. Peace to North$ide Dro your hardwork paid off.