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The Supervisor x Dephrase ft King Author – We Do / They Do

The Supervisor and Dephrase are gearing up to drop the long awaited PBS album. This has been in the works for quite a bit and had had us on the edge of our seat awaiting it’s release and that time is almost here! The Supervisor teams up with King Author who just dropped a crazy EP called “Life Flashing…” for this joint “We Do / They do” this one’s a slapper, buy it and share with homies. Hear The Supervisor almost weekly on The HipHopHeads Podcast as well.

I Hit The Low Lights Tour Last Night

Beat showcases have been a thing I been hitting a lot in 2023. The production scene is crazy in Boston right now with so many beatmakers, producers and lofi heads that are killing it, it’s hard to keep up. But, going to these showcases really put a light on these artists and their craft and how they’re getting busy. I find these spots awesome if you’re an MC, creative, or just a fan you can network and find yourself connecting with other talented people in the community.

Last night was no different. I drove my ass down to Boston from Maine to give some support to some very talented local artists. Namely our homies Chairman Chow, Loman and Lightfoot whom 2/3 have been featured on The HipHopHeads Podcast. The spot was at a place in Cambridge in Kendall Square called State Park. This is darkly lit whole in the wall bar and eatery. The producers were posted up on a pool table with all their equipment cranking out beats and vocals all night!

The place was packed and had good turn out, vibe was off the hook and very chill, simultaneously. People were getting busy on the boards, mostly sp404’s and rocking the mic as well. I didn’t stay too long as I worked a 12 hour day and still had a hour and half drive home but had a ton of fun! You can see the dates for the tour above and all the dates so far have been free shows! So if you’re in the area of them stopping definetly check it out! It’s a great time.

Peace to my brother The Supervisor who’s PBS album is dropping soon! Chairman Chow who is the hardest working guy in Boston, and Loman and Vinyl Villain two great producers who are elevating the Boston scene. Salute!