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Oak Lonetree – Is (album stream)

The brother Oak Lonetree just sent me his new album called IS. I love the track listing short and to the point. Oak is an incredible spitter and I’m gonna say this album will not disappoint I’m really excited to give it a spin after work and throw a few bucks at our friend. Peace lord!

Aztech (Hybrid Thoughts) – The Dusty Stereo 2

The homie Aztech just hit me off with his latest release and I had to bless y’all. Dusty Stereo 2 sounds real dope and also features Canibus, among others. Give it a spin!

A veteran of Underground Hip Hop, Aztech of the Boston MA/Japan based Hip Hop group Hybrid Thoughts, is most recently known for his appearances on several Anime soundtracks such as Dr. Stone(on Adult Swim) and Kekkai Sensen. He will also be featured on upcoming soundtracks for Jujutsu Kaisen and the Netflix series, Beastars.

He now brings you his latest body of work titled “The Dusty Stereo 2” which includes features from his group Hybrid Thoughts, Slant Heddshotts and Canibus. With production from Mindspawn, CLOAQXDAGGER and P-Ro