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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Bonus Episode (Pumpkinhead vs Yak Ballz at Braggin’ Rights)
The HipHopHeads Podcast
Bonus Episode: Pumpkinhead vs Yak Ballz
This lost audio is from the legendary Braggin’ Rights battle which I believe took place in 2000 (correct me if im wrong and ill fix this) which the finals were Yak Ballz vs Pumpkinhead aka PH (RIP). I’ve never heard the audio for this where you find out who the winner is, but when I spoke to PH he told me he took the W that night. There was video of this floating around online back then but it seems to be lost to time now. I was inspired to bring out this old tape as a new book has been released by Brian Kayser called “Rock, Rock, Rock, On:The Robert “PH” Diaz Story. Its out now which can cop from the link below. I hope you enjoy the audio, grab the book, and who do you think won the battle??

Buy Rock, Rock, Rock On: The Robert PH Diaz Story HERE


Man, it’s with great sadness that I announce the death of Pat Stay. The other day he dropped a diss track baiting The Game to battle. I put Bonafide and The Supervisor on to Pat via the diss and they started diving in to his battles. No more than 24 hours after that Pat was gone. When the news broke, I honestly didnt believe it. I truly thought it was a rues, an attempt to bait The Game or a Game fan starting an internet rumor that would be quickly douced. That was not the case. Confirmations quickly started to come out and people were broken.

Pat Stay is a legend in the battle rap community, arguably one of the greatest. He was a KOTD champion and held the title for two years. He invented the complimentary style. From what I hear he was a incredibly stand up guy, did a ton for the battle community and young battlers coming up, looking to make a name for themselves. Perhaps his selflessness can proven by his passing, as the rumor is Pat was at a wedding party when a fight broke out, Pat tried to break it up, in the melee Pat was stabbed, ambulance was called and Pat was rushed to the hospital where he passed.

Pat Stay was larger than life, physically and verbally. His battles will go down in history as some of the greatest, he will be remembered as a innovator and one of the funniest dudes on the mic in the ring.

Pat Stay forever Rest in Power. Condolences to his friends and family. Feel free to contribute to Pat Stays memorial fund below.


The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 17 (Boston’s Superbowl MC Battle) Presents The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 17: Boston’s Superbowl MC Battle.
Bonafide and Vega chop it up about the Superbowl halftime show. We review the M-Dot Show at The Freestyle Clinic in Boston. We talk Mix-Unit and how unethical they are and how theyre robbing MC’s and producers. Then we talk about the legendary Boston Superbowl MC Battle that took place in 1999. A lot more to unpack in this episode give it a listen. Below is the event of The Superbowl MC Battle that took place in 1999. Theres some legendary Boston and New England artists in this one. Here’s also a great write up about the details of the battle done by Dana Scott of The Dig Boston that you should definitely read if youre in to the history of Battle Rap and Boston HipHop in general.


Boston Rapper T-Max goes in on Ed O.G. song No Classics

(Bo$$)TON {BRR}3[W1N!] Jay Spriggs comes with a great video interview with T-Max about Edo G claiming nobody from Boston had a classic. This is an extremely interesting discussion Spriggs does a great job at moderating it. I want to hear this song. If you’re unfamiliar with T-Max check out the Newbury Freestyle Tape I posted he’s heavy on there and kills it.

Lord Goat and Stu Bangas – Devious

Lord Goat aka Goretex of the incredible Non Phixion has teamed up with Stu Bangas to bring a new album in 2020 called Final Expenses. This is the latest joint, and it’s a Banger, Stu murdered it. Stu Bangas made an album with Ill Bill fairly recently as well which is very good so check that out too. Let’s hope Stu teams up with sabac in the future!