Good Humor x RZA: A New Ice Cream Truck Jingle for a New Era

Ice cream trucks are the best. When I hear that music I get excited and immediately want a delicious frozen treat. Heck, the music was playing outside the house a few weeks ago and I ran outside like I was 7 years old wallet in hand, I’m 38. I spent ten bucks and a handful of ice cream, I could’ve spent the same amount at the super market and walked away with 3 boxes full, but there’s something about the ice cream man and hearing that Jingle.

The film Ghostdog which was famously scored by the RZA and had a cameo appearance as well, had a Haitian ice cream man who drove the truck around the hood. RZA has decided lend his beat chops to good humor to create a new Jingle for their trucks, replacing “Turkey in the Straw”, a jingle that was used in minstrel shows. Considering the racial climate right now in our country, I think this is a great time for a new song, for the new generation to enjoy, blaring from ice cream trucks and making your mouths water and your hearts beat fast when heard. Suuuuuuuu!

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