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Good Humor x RZA: A New Ice Cream Truck Jingle for a New Era

Ice cream trucks are the best. When I hear that music I get excited and immediately want a delicious frozen treat. Heck, the music was playing outside the house a few weeks ago and I ran outside like I was 7 years old wallet in hand, I’m 38. I spent ten bucks and a handful of ice cream, I could’ve spent the same amount at the super market and walked away with 3 boxes full, but there’s something about the ice cream man and hearing that Jingle.

The film Ghostdog which was famously scored by the RZA and had a cameo appearance as well, had a Haitian ice cream man who drove the truck around the hood. RZA has decided lend his beat chops to good humor to create a new Jingle for their trucks, replacing “Turkey in the Straw”, a jingle that was used in minstrel shows. Considering the racial climate right now in our country, I think this is a great time for a new song, for the new generation to enjoy, blaring from ice cream trucks and making your mouths water and your hearts beat fast when heard. Suuuuuuuu!

RZA and Ghostface, Angel of Dust

RZA and Ghostface are teaming up to make a horror film called Angel of Dust. RZA will direct the film and Ghostface along with his manager have written the story for the film. Here’s a little rundown on what to expect.

Casey is a normal yet exceptionally smart teenager and talented rapper but after the mysterious death of his parents he’s been forced to grow up in NY’s roughest inner-city streets (known as Shaolin in Wu-Tang folklore), basically on his own. As life in the hood around him gets tragically worse he must put his skills to the test to survive not only the gangs, corrupt cops, junkies, and bullies, but a serial killer with seemingly supernatural powers dubbed Angel of Dust by the media.

Consider me interested.

Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge ft. Raekwon & RZA – Return Of The Savage

Ghostface is following up his lackluster 12 reasons to die with a 2nd installment. While I wasn’t a huge fan of 12 reasons to die I did enjoy the Apollo Brown version waay more. Ghostface is always solid on the rhymes so I’ll be checking.