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WTF Happened To Solar? (R.I.P. Guru)

A couple weeks ago was the anniversary of Guru’s death and I been bumping some Gang Starr and it got me thinking about the shadiness surrounding his passing. I recall Solar not letting friends and family in to the hospital to see Guru before dying, putting out fake statements from Guru which the Elam family rejected, supposedly abusing Guru physically (according to Jacky Jasper). Then you have Guru’s nephew issued a heartfelt statement that captured the hearts of the interwebs….

I know soon after Guru died people were talkin’ mad shit about Solar, you’d think Solar would’ve died but oddly, you never really heard from this asshole again. WTF happened to this creep? Is he eating right now? If so take the fork out of his mouth. Let’s see what he’s been upto?

Did anyone get an interview with this guy after Guru died other than Sway?

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Then there was the dreaded “Solar’s Baby Mama HHDX Interview

Has anyone punched him in the face? Why aren’t people beating his ass like he was the pecker checker in the gym locker room? One of the last articles I saw on Solar was, he was dropping some music with some members of Living Colour and trying to revive Jazzamatazz (something Guru created but now Solar is trying to bank on, hoping Jazz fans forgotten what a piece of shit he is). Guru’s older brother was interviewed recently and this odd statement was made when Solar was brought up at the end of the interview.

I don’t know if this is going to restrict you from talking about it on the record, but you’ve mentioned that you met a lot of people that were Guru’s musical affiliates and partners. I’m just wondering if you’ve actually met Solar, at one point or another.

Yeah, I met him and I would love to talk about him, but I can’t. I just can’t. But yes, I met him, but now I’m hoping that entire story, as the litigation works it’s way through, comes out and then there will be a story to tell.

It also seems Solar may have set up a fake Gang Starr page on Facebook and on that shit is hundreds of fake comments disrespecting DJ Premier… Yea the “Official page of Gang Starr” Is calling the legendary producer a piece of shit all while showering Solar with praise… Is this sounding fishy?

In a recent article in The Source disgustingly posted on the anniversary of Guru’s travel to the afterlife was an interview with the snake, the rat, the scum, that is Solar. Claiming that he had been given rights to the Gang Starr/Guru Catalog… And that he’s gonna make sure it’s done right but hasn’t spoken to Premier.. Just reading the interview makes me cringe and it also baffles the mind and makes you think Solar is delusional… It looks like he created a phony “Gang Starr website“… and it also looks like he’s selling fake Merch “Gang Starr” shirts and calling them shits official… Taking advantage of fans now you dirt bag? Can you get any lower?

So the brother mentioned litigation? Is the Elam family taking Solar to court? Is it Premier for “the catalog”? Surely selling fake merch is illegal w/o a property license? I heard that Guru left his whole estate to Solar (rumor?) and nothing to his kids/family… is this about that? or a combo of everything? What is the story why isn’t the hip-hop community following this like the OJ case? We as a people should take to the streets going door to door looking for this guy. We can’t stop, we won’t stop, until he’s found! and justice is served. I want answers, I know I’m not the only one! Let’s get those answers!