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Sage Francis – UBUNTU [Water Into Wine] (video)

The “UBUNTU” MP3 is available at: http://tinyurl.com/SageFrancisUbuntu
-by Sage Francis

Proceeds of this song’s sale will go toward helping the children I address in this song. We don’t have video clips available to us at the moment so we decided to make a picture-video to show the people and places the song is inspired by. If you wish to, you can read the lyrics here: http://tinyurl.com/SageFrancisUbuntu

I have thought about these children every single day since being acquainted with them almost two years ago. I decided that I can no longer sit on this song. In 2011 I visited Durban, South Africa to help mentor and provide care for HIV-infected children. For me, it was a crash-course education on their situation, culture, history, and various forms of treatment (or lack there of.) With a reported 5.6 million people living with HIV, South Africa has the highest HIV infection rate in the world. That is mainly due to misinformation propagated by the government as well as the people’s lack of access to education and proper medical care. With so many people dying of AIDS in this area, many children are often left to fend for themselves in overcrowded “orphanages”, many of which have no electricity or running water according to what I witnessed.

My trip to Durban and the surrounding rural areas was organized by people who were filming a documentary on a community of people who were receiving alternative treatment along with their normal ARV (anti-retroviral) treatment. I joined a group of national and international poets whose task it was to make a connection with the children and communicate their story to the world. Toward the end of my stay I wrote a song called UBUNTU (Water Into Wine) which I was initially hoping to release as a companion piece to the film. The documentary will probably do a much better job of explaining the vast array of emotions we all went through, but as it still isn’t completed I figured it might be best to just release the song now.

The artwork for UBUNTU is a portrait of Nonoti done by Phil Cooper. Nonoti was one of the younger girls in the group who made a deep and everlasting impression on everyone she met. We lost Nonoti to HIV-related complications earlier this year, so along with the children I name in this song, and all the great people I met during my stay in Durban, a special dedication goes out to her (R.I.P.)

If you’re ever given the opportunity to visit Africa and provide a helping hand, I highly recommend it. You will learn more than you could ever imagine about yourself, humanity and the world in general. You can view more pictures of my trip to South Africa and the children this song is about here: http://tinyurl.com/SageSouthAfrica2011
Most of the pictures are by me but the really GOOD ones are by Alex Forster.
Special big shouts to IainEwok and Karen for giving me updates on the children and making sure that the donations go to good use. Much love and many thanks to everyone involved!

-Sage Francis

Demigodz Live For The 1st Time Ever! (Photos/Video)

Last night history was made in Pawtucket, The Demigodz assembled for the 1st time ever as a whole crew, and performed roughly 25-30 tracks for the fans. I was lucky enough to be in the place taking photos and filming I captured the FULL Set on video. Nobody else has this exclusive footage of one of the most respected underground groups of all-time. The whole crew was there Apathy, Blacastan, Ryu, Celph Titled, Esoteric, Motive, Chumzilla and with special guests, Lord Digga and Block McCloud. They also perfomed 2 NEW and NEVER BEFORE HEARD TRACKS! A lil fact Apathy’s first show ever was in RI, so he did the same for Demigodz bringing them to the lil Rhody. Check out the videos above it’s a long playlist! For more photos CLICK HERE.

Can You Spit?


I can throw a rock over my shoulder and hit a kid who thinks he can rap/rhyme. But the question is, are you as nice as you think you are? Or is your best friend since kindergarten just filling your head with delusions of having a successful music career? Do you need to drop the mic and grab a spatula? Chances are you do. But there is a chance you might have some skills and raw talent that people need to hear, but due to certain circumstances maybe you can’t just get out there the way you’d like. Maybe you already have a name and you just want show off your skills and spit a verse or a freestyle just to get heads talking about your next move?

Well here at TheCrypt we’re willing to see what you got literally. Are you really what the games been missing? If you think you can spit and live in the MA/RI area well come to you and personally see what you got to offer. Well film you or your team/crew in HD spittin your hottest verse/freestyle/song, whatever you can bring to the table and well put it up on our youtube page which has garnished hundreds of thousands of hits. Well do a short interview and take some photographs and then post up your info on our site and which will be seen to our visitors which are anyone from your average joe to some of the top underground rappers and producers in the game and well let them decide if you can actually spit.

If this sounds like something you want to get in on let us know in either the comments or emailing us via thecryptonline@gmail.com, give us some info, or some background on yourself and where you’re from and if we like what we see well contact you back. Like I said this is for people who live in MASS/RI but we’ll kindly take submissions from NH/CT/NY/ME/VT/NJ basically the new england/tri state area and if you really impress us well make an exception.

So get on the wire, tell your friend who thinks he can rap to hit us up.

Smut Peddlers Live in Rhode Island Circa 2000 including crowd fights!!

Classic videos of the old Eastern Conference heads smashing it in RI on the eve of my 18th bday in 2000. Brawl happens in the 1st minute of the medicated minutes video, Cage’s stage presence and whole style was gully as fuck back then, he was the rawest.

Smut Peddlers Live in Rhode Island Circa 2000 including crowd fights!!

Classic videos of the old Eastern Conference heads smashing it in RI on the eve of my 18th bday in 2000. Brawl happens in the 1st minute of the medicated minutes video, Cage’s stage presence and whole style was gully as fuck back then, he was the rawest.

Boston Girls (review)

Boston Girls

I recently got a chance to check out the film “Boston Girls” a new horror/slasher flick made locally that takes place in the wonderful city of Boston. When I started the flick I was happy to hear a familiar voice on the soundtrack, Slaine (La Coka Nostra/Special Teams)! Right off the bat, it kicks off with a track off one of his mixtapes titled Boston, I immediately felt right at home from the music, to the accents, and the familiar territory like Modern Diner and McCoy Stadium.

The movie is written, produced, and starring Camille Solari a beautiful comedian/actress and a hard working, jack of all trades. Camille really delivered in this film as far as acting/writing goes. She nailed a lot of scenes too, one in particular a hilarious bar fight that seemed like it couldv’e been any bar on any night in the greater Boston area. She also didnt do the typical summer camp, teenie bopper horror flick which was refreshing.

Boston Girls is a story of love, revenge and hatred. Two typical Boston Girls,The Irish girl Lynne(Shay Astar), and the Italian, Carmela (Camille Solari). Both beautiful young ladies have been screwed over by men time and time again. Lynne haunted by a past rape on a carnival merry go round by a masked man and Carmela suffering from being sexually abused by her Uncle Reggie (Danny Trejo) an ex Ball Player. The 2 women are constantly being harassed by the brash Boston locals and constantly being cheated on by there despicable boyfriends.


Lynne and Carmela discover one of their men cheating with a scandalous townie whore, the slam pig calls the cops and both Lynne and Carmela are arrested for disorderly conduct. To the girls surprise they aren’t brought back to the cop shop but brought to a wooded area where they are to be humiliated and raped, by Bostons finest. What makes matters worse these are local cops and both women know their attackers one a filthy bastard with no more morals, scrupils or decency the other a junkie, loser who has a good heart but is outcast due to a bad reputation and rumors of being a drug addict. During the attack the women overcome one of the cops, smashing his head and throwing him off a short bridge leaving him badly hurt and presumably dead. Next the girls take a stop back to Lynnes where she shows off some skin and stabs her man repeatedly while Carmela watches. This is the start of their killing spree, making a list of every male pig they know and taking revenge on their disgusting cheating asses.

What I liked about Boston Girls was, while other films of this genre pride themselves on being the most over the top, or the goriest, Boston Girls was neither, it seemed to have a perfect balance of both. The story is and I’m sad to say, something that many people can relate to. A lot of these women don’t get the vengeance they deserve, but Carmela and Lynne are heroes to the woman who have been screwed over by men over and over again and the film portrays this throughout. It’s not too often you’re rooting for the murderers but these 2 are to pissah not to like. I suggest you check this flick out it was wicked awesome,

buy it, rent it, Netlfix it, if you’re a Bostonian and like indy, low budget, horror flicks this movie will deliver. If you hate Indy flicks, low budget movies, and Boston, go fuck yourself.