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Edo G vs Benzino IG Live Battle

Last night Edo G and Benzino two legends of the Boston Hiphop scene took to IG live to participate in a track for track battle, who’s music is better. 1st the stream was plagued with issues, from music sounding like it was played through a clock radio, going too long on songs should’ve kept it between 1 and 2 minutes instead of full songs, constant internet drops with bad video quality, to IG just killing the stream all together. Despite that, songs were played by both of them and the IG live was filled with a who’s who of Boston, from MC’s, producers, writers, journalists, photographers, among others who’ve been in the Boston scene dating back 3 decades. You had some legends in there such as NORE which was cool to see him supporting Boston. At one point in the stream there was nearly 1000 people which I thought was a pretty great number for these 2 on Wednesday night. Now I can’t find part one of the stream but I’ll update it when I do, I stayed for 8 or 9 songs or at least til the stream dropped. My score was 6-1-1 Edo G. What’s the verdict on your end?