Daniel Laurent aka DL – Stop Frontin’ x MASSterpiece 2.0

MASSTERPIECE 2.0 from Daniel Laurent on Vimeo.

Daniel Laurent aka DL is an MC from Boston I’ve been following for YEARS! I first heard him when he handed me a CD at The Middle East in Cambridge in 2000/01 didnt charge me, didnt ask me to buy his music, just walked up and said please listen to this. I still have that demo disc although it doesn’t work anymore but I may have pulled the tracks from it I might have to check the archives. The CD was blank other than a sticker that I believe had a hotmail account on it, yea we’re going back. A year or two later and DL was bringing his raps to the Boston airwaves via 88.9 at Night (Rest In Peace). I still recall hearing The MASSterpiece for the 1st time my friends and I played that track the fuck out. Fast forward 10 years or so and DL is still doing his thing.


He’s released two new tracks one of which also comes in video form as seen above YES! THe MASSterpiece 2.0! Later this month Daniel will be having a listening party for his new album “Hustlers Spirit:The Idea” everyone who attends will be handed his new album upon entering, he’ll have some special guests in the building so expect some familiar Boston faces. So go out there support. Download the 2 new joints below if you feel em let us know in the comments!



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