The Passing of Price


If you’re a fan of TheCrypt then you’re aware we’re the biggest Sean Price fans ever. I try to post everything he does, I’ve met him numerous times over the years thanks to Duckdown and have gotten the opportunity to photograph and film him doing some legendary shit. Sean Price is one of the coolest rappers I’ve had the chance to meet.

He passed away yesterday far too young, I don’t know how or why yet but regardless of the details, it hit me hard. Sean Price is probably my favorite rapper, he was your favorite rappers favorite rapper and he was beloved by everyone you can take a look at twitter, instagram and Facebook to see how true that it is. This is a crushing blow, not only because of his greatness but his ability to make rappers push themselves… when you hear a Sean price verse it literally makes you want to reestablish how you should write a rhyme, you hear him and you think, wow, I need to step my game up.

It’s safe to say that heltah skeltah will never release another album, there will be no fab 5, there will be no Ill Bill and Sean Price album, there won’t be a lot of things that we were all looking forward too. That’s ok, we have what he left us, the albums, the videos, the dvd, countless hilarious twitter messages and most of all, his family.

We laughed with you, we drove with you, we drank with you, we smoked with you, we sang with you, we fought to you, we loved to you and now we now cry that you’re gone. Sean Price you’ll never be forgetton. Rest In Peace Ruck.

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