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Uncommon Nasa x Waatu – The Death of ADAM

Nasa is the epitome of underground hiphop, truly a slept on talent that few can match in skill, hard work, vision and passion.

After Nasa’s group fell apart he set out on a solo career and took up the moniker of Adam Warlock due to a heavy influence taken from Starlin’s work on the character. This period was a prolific one for Nasa, including his ode to victim rage, Dark Weapons (from Mars) and a collection of singles and cameos built into a 2nd album called The Early Life of ADAM.

It was while the then “Adam” was away touring that he started to think about ending that era and going back to his roots with Nasa, simply adding the label he’s been known for for a decade to it to form the new moniker of Uncommon Nasa. During this same time frame Waatu began sending Nasa remixes of a lot of his work including the recently released Frequent Flyers, the “smash” single Slugging Percentage and the tribute to the steak knife shared by Elucid and Subtitle.

It was then that Nasa shut Waatu down from more remixing unless it was going to be toward a full EP’s worth to be released officially on Uncommon Records. Asked which tracks he’d like to complete this EP : Don’t Die, Infinity Gauntlet and a track that Waatu produced the original of, Everything Fits! were chosen by the Montrealian.

Waatu helps Nasa celebrate the life of young Adam Warlock, as he now passes by the way side like dust in the wind, by selecting some of his best works and re-imagining them into an all new fully cohesive new piece.

Adam Warlock may now be dead, but Uncommon Nasa has been reborn with this, the first of 3 planned releases set before the end of 2013. Death of ADAM serves as the perfect warm up and re-set for Nasa’s upcoming album on August 6th titled, Land of the Way It Is.

Land of the Way It is features a great collection of producers, Agartha Audio, Skribe1, Black-Tokyo, Willie Green, Lyle Horowitz, Goodman and Nasa himself. He’s also joined by friends Prince Po (as heard here on the Blackout Mix), Subtitle, Megabusive, BeOnd, Open Mike Eagle, Gajah, Short Fuze, Taiyamo Denku, Pruven, Atari Blitzkrieg, Aeon Grey & Elucid. Land of the Way It Is, is just that, look for it on August 6th from Uncommon Records.
released 25 June 2013
All tracks Remixed & Produced by Waatu for Waatu Music.
All tracks Written & Performed by Uncommon Nasa for Uncommon Color Combinations (SESAC)

The original versions of “Slugging Percentage” & “Serpentine Steak Knives” appear on “Dark Weapons (from Mars)”.

The original versions of “Infinity Gauntlet”, “Everything Fits!” & “Don’t Die” appear on “The Early Life of ADAM”.

The original version of “Frequent Flyers” will be included on Uncommon Nasa’s upcoming album, “The Land of the Way It Is”.

All Remixes mixed by Waatu at Monitored Coma Labs.

Mastered by Nasa @ Nasa Labs, NYC.