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A Mega Ran Update.

What’s good people!  I had the pleasure of seeing Mega Ran and Storyville perform live again also with special guest Sammus who crushed it and the girl can turnip. Anyways,  after speaking with Mega Ran he mentioned he and Storyville would be very interested in doing an interview for the hiphopheads podcast which is soo dope! And these got cool stories did you know Storyville has been  to Dr. Dre’s studio!? Yeah cool stuff like that,  speaking of cool stuff he’s also interested in doing a photoshoot with us! Mega Ran has a bunch of dope merch available right now.
He’s got vinyl for sale and pre order one of which is the Soul Veggies vinyl LP which I’ve pre ordered,  and you should too!  If Mega Ran doesn’t get 100 pre orders we won’t get the vinyl so please support! If you don’t do wax it’s available digital and on disc as well,  it’s a really dope album.
soul veggies 12″ pre order.

Also Mega Ran and Storyville have a 7″ available on Fat Beats dropping this week on a dope bright yellow wax,  which yes I also pre-ordered.

Soul Veggies React/Another World 7″ pre order.
And lastly Mega Ran has a very limited 10″ available as well! This time it’s mini bosses.
Mega Ran Mini Bosses Split 10″

3 dope and limited released make sure you scoop em and stayed tuned for a very special Mega Ran podcast coming in the future. Oh and Catch him on tour!

Mar 09
The Flashback Lounge
Watertown, NY
Mar 10
JAM Performance Space, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY
Mar 11
Super-Fly Comics
Yellow Springs, OH
Mar 12
Cincinnati, OH
Mar 14
Northern Kentucky Convention Center
Covington, KY
Mar 17
Flamingo Cantina
Austin, TX
Mar 18
Austin, TX

Mega Ran and Richie Branson – Ghouls N Ghosts EP

Mega Ran aka Random is always up to soemthing dope and video game related. The dude link(ed) up with Richie Bransom to do a Ghouls N Ghosts EP, using all samples from the Capcom classic and one of my personal favorite games. Getting to the end of this album wont be as tough as beating the game. Which reminds me im scoopin this for PSP right now. Here’s some more info and a listen.

Mega Ran and Richie Branson’s Halloween treat, previously only available on the mc chris Monster Hunter Tour, with new tracks added. Includes 2 bonus tracks and one bonus beat with purchase!
released 31 October 2012
Production by Richie Branson, Random aka Mega Ran, DJ DN3, EOM. Assistant programming on “Survival Horror” and “Apocalypse” by Bear McCreary. Mixed and mastered by Richie Branson.

Sorry For The Lack Of Updates

Sorry I’ve been off my game lately, my NEW computer has been on the fritz, been trying to find a remedy but sadly I’ve been unsuccessful. Two things, Windows7 can eat a prick and 2 I think Ubuntu has saved the day. I recently put Ubuntu on my machine (another OS) cuz I’ve had success with it in the past, the version I had 11.10 didnt play nice with Flash so I couldnt view videos, or a lot of tracks the past few weeks. But today I got the latest build of Ubuntu 12.04 and so far it seems to be onpoint. So this afternoon/evening i’ll be bombing the site with some ish that we’ve missed, exclusives, videos, mp3’s and jokes.