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Ill Clinton ft Crypt The Warchild and King Syze – End It

crypt and king syze
My homie Ill Clinton is hard working producer. He’s always cookin’ up dope beats and this time he got some verses by some AOTP vets to bless the track. Get well soon Crypt!

Us Natives – Used Vinyl Review

The homie Ill Clinton just hit me off with his latest release this time in the form of a collabo of Ill Clinton and John E Cab. This album is dope and the duo makes really good beats, ill choice of samples, filthy drums, and rugged loops. I was just gonna give it a quick listen but I’m sucked in. The beats are dark and just sound great to my ears, this is exactly my type of shit. I don’t put up instrumentals very often but had to give Clinton some love cuz this shit is just sick. If youre tired of whack raps over dope beats give this try and let the beats do the talking. I might have to hit em up for an intro/outro for the podcast. MC’s if you want beats and got $$$ holler at my dude. Also buy this release and other releases off their Bandcamp.