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R.I.P. Capital Steez

I read early this morning that Capital Steez of Pro Era (Joey BadA$$’s crew) took his life early today. He sent out a cryptic tweet a minute before midnight that read “The End” shortly afterward news was floating around that Steez took his own life.
It seems that not a year goes by where someone in the hip-hop community cant take the pains of this Earth and instead of facing those hardships head on they do the selfish act of taking their own life. I don’t know what demons Capital Steez was dealing with but it cant match the pain his family, friends, and the hiphop world will be feeling every Christmas knowing that he’s gone. CS was only 19 years old, his crew released their first mixtape last week that had the internet praising their work, one can only hope this doesn’t destroy the crew and that it brings them closer together and pushes them to make better music. R.I.P. Capital Steez.