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Calig Kontra (Caligula) – Goons Bible

My brother Caligula aka Calig Kontra just hit me with a gem from his upcoming album Simian Automatic called Goons Bible, this has been a long time coming for real. The album is 18 tracks and is being released via DJ Black Panthers label. Guest features include C-Rayz Walz, Pace-Won, INF, and Respect Tha God. Really looking forward to this one, salute.

Caligula – Divine Madness (review+goodies)


Caligula and I go back many, many years over a decade now that I think about it, reguardless of that I’ll do my best to give an honest opinion of his latest album Divine Madness. A little backstory on Caligula, homies been workin hard and has had his tracks in the ear of some of the undergrounds best. His EP Clone Killers which was highly slept on IMO but for the people who heard it got a lot of love, so much so it landed him on MF Grimms radar signing to DaybyDay Ent. to release his album/mixtape War Games which I don’t think was ever released cuz Daybyday Ent kinda fell off the map which sucks cuz they had a slew of quality joints that got shelved. Fast forward 4-5 years and Caligula is still here and released Divine Madness.

Caligula is a great lyricist and his flow has become more polished and you can easily hear this comparing DM to CK “he’s that Cloverfield beast that overkills MC’s”. The album starts very strong with a track that features Goretex, yes Goretex aka Supercoven of the legendary Non Phixion crew and Gore spits one of his best verses since the NP days we’ve featured this track on the site before. Surprisingly with such a good starting track Caligula manages to keep the bar high throughout the album, consistency is the name of his game and other MC’s should take notice. My man is on that horror, conspiracy, drunken, drugged out, grindhouse film, geurilla politics, style if youre into that stee then Caligula will be in heavy rotation. I mentioned earlier that Gore was on the album but Caligula also brought THUG Angels Hell Razah and Shabazz the Disciple, along with Braggin Rights winner Pumpkinhead, NYC’s Monsta Island Czars yes Monsta Island Czars no shit MEGALON is on a track!!!, the homie Scottie Blunts (peace to cakevsalex/weathermania boards) and a couple other heads you might know.

Caligulas beat selection is wonderful, rugged shit, head knod shit, sock a puppy in the face joints. The instrumentals are on that underground gutter vibe, if youre looking for the next Lil’ John you’re not going to find it here, but if you want ill Caligula (Malcolm McDowell) samples, dirty drums, filthy horns, ill piano, organ, and string loops that you can wet a whole block up to then, this is for you. I love how the Caligulanity Remix made it to the album cuz I always loved it and even featured it on the site before in the past. 16 tracks are on the album and seriously it’s all good. Caligula is raw, he’s that raw that’s been missing for quite a while in hip-hop, few  can still do it like this. The grittiness and graniness on the album most would be afraid to approach but homie embraces it and you can feel it till the last line on the album. “It gets harder to deal im afraid to remain sober and never release the steel till it’s game over”  as well as the outro sounding like a cowboy riding his horse alone into the desert waiting for the next adventure to begin or in Caligulas case his next album.

The rawness of his voice and recordings are outstanding and it’s the way I like to hear my shit, it’s like finding a an artifact. Caligula still does it better than most and if youre unfamiliar with the mans work this is a great place to start and get familar with the guys work. You can BUY Divine Madness NOW!!


You can search our site for a couple Caligula tracks but here’s also a couple goodies off the album to give you a vibe. Enjoy.

DOWNLOAD: Caligula – Modern Rome

DOWNLOAD: Caligula – Falling Down