Sway Speaks With Solar

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This is some bullshit! I don’t believe anything that comes out of his mouth, I’d love to see him w/o glasses I bet he’s blinking and scrambling in his head like crazy during this interview…. Dude is suspect. Sway is the truth keep digging man we need Jack Bauer in there to get the real info. This is 5 parts long and plays all the way through so stick with it… he talks about good times between Guru and Family along with Premier and says it didnt get weird till FEB YEA NO SHIT CUZ YOURE KEPING HIM FROM SEEING HIS FAMILY!!! YOURE A CREEP IT DIDNT EXIST UNTIL GURU WAS OUT OF COMMISION AKA WHEN YOU TOOK OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So if he was in coma and shit got weird and shit got tense between him and Premo why and the F would have this statement written months in advance talking shit about Premier and how can one continue to honor Guru’s music and Gang Starrs music to not include DJ Premier? So cancer involving his hands he said took out his lungs? If I was Guru’s friend and the only person in the world who knew he was sick I think I’d try to talk to him and reconcile with his family as a friend id be giving that advice not just being like a dog and wagging my head yes and forgetting about it. Can we interview some band members?


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