R.I.P. Google Listen

Every Monday night TheCrypt holds it podcast which you can listen to live, but if youre one of those peoples that cant be around late nights on Monday then chances are you download the podcast and listen on your computer/tablet/mobile device etc. There are a number of apps that can do this, such as iTunes for iDevices, Mediamonkey for PC, and Google Listen for Android. Sadly today marks the discontinuation of Google Listen. Here’s a the official word from the G.

We launched Google Listen through Google Labs in August 2009, to give people a way to discover and listen to podcasts. However, with Google Play, people now have access to a wider variety of podcast apps, so we’ve discontinued Listen. People who have already installed the app can still use it, but after November 1, podcast search won’t function. You can access your podcast subscriptions in Google Reader in the “Listen Subscriptions” folder and download them from the Import/Export tab.

Although Google Listen is gone if you’re still a subscriber to our podcast via GL then we’ll still continue to drop on your mobile device weekly. For noobs picking up an Android phone or ones that weren’t aware of Google Listen or listening to podcasts via your phone, here are some alternatives….

BeyondPod (free/$6.99): Ive used this one before it does the trick but isnt the easiest to use.
Podder (free): Just downloaded this, I haven’t used it yet but reviews seem to be great and more favorable then BP.
Pocketcasts ($3): Can’t vouche personally but check it out.
Podkicker (free): Has a great search function, you might be able to find the HHH podcast on there.
DoggCatcher ($5): Supposedly the best podcast app for android.
DoubleTwist (free): Supposedly can do everything iTunes can do…
Stitcher (free): Supposedly really great app which can access lots of great podcasts.

There’s some suggestions for you’s some free and some paid (ballers). Any choice I’m sure will be a good one. Feel free to comment if you need any help or suggestions.

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