Meyhem Lauren – The Laurenovich (Fuck Pitchfork)

I’ve been saying it forever, Fuck Pitchfork. These guys have the worst taste in music and clearly they also don’t know how to review a hip-hop album properly. They gave Meyhems new FREE album a 5/10… IMO, Mandatory Brunch Meeting is one of the best albums of the year and according to DJ Premier it is too… So let’s think about it for a second… Arguably the best hiphop producer and DJ of all time gives a co-sign and me the greatest blogger ever, 1st guy on the web to post about Meyhem Lauren (and Action Bronson) , has impeccable rap taste giving Meyhems Respect The Fly Shit top ten honors and making an exclusive mixtape for the guy def shows he has my co-sign. So who to believe? You can scoop Mandatory Brunch Meetings for free give it a spin let us know if Pitchforks crazy or if you agree with the review.

It’s funny too on Pitchforks review they keep talkin’ about Action and how Meyhem wouldnt be shit with Bronson pretty much and he’s only good when he’s on an Action Bronson joint… If these dickheads knew anything about underground hip-hop or researched they’d know Meyhem came up with the lo-lifes and was on the scene a minute before Action began rappin’. Action first came on the scene at Industry Shakedown radio (peace to Solace of Timeless Truth) where Action spit some shit… but guess who brought Action? Meyhem Lauren… Oh yea Action did a freestyle for PF Cuttin as well it was called The Come Up Actions first real joint guess who The Lo-Lifes DJ was? Pretty sure it was PF Cuttin… SO Meyhem needing Bronson, I don’t think so… Perhaps Bronson needing Meyhem? Either way both are great and if you don’t think they are that’s fine, you have the right to your opinion, but let it be known your opinion sucks. Peace to my brother Shake.


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