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ITI wrote a very long Journal entry on my travels to Latin America and the Reaction to the President’s healthcare plan but I feel like there is one or two parts left to finish so I will wait a few days. I have not been here to post things too often because I felt that as a Revolutionary there was more to do than just put my thoughts on-line and I would rather be out there in the world being a part of it. But informing you of it would help that cause whatever it is so I will try stay in the loop more, I just hate the idea of being considered one of those rappers who blogs more than they release music. To those of you who have devoted your time and energy to the causes I have fought for I am eternally grateful and indebted. I hope that we continue to work together as a unit, a rebel army that has a reach that can travel the planet in a heartbeat.

The 14th of August is coming up, and I look forward to seeing some of you at The Knitting Factory, if you haven’t gotten your tickets already, they’re going fast. This last benefit show will help to continue funding the orphanage Omeid and I created in Kabul. I dedicated a great deal of time out of my life to this and when I saw the kids so overjoyed and bewildered by the idea that someone cared enough to give them a chance to live and learn I felt humbled beyond belief, I felt stronger than ever. As if a bullet or a death threat didn’t matter. The support base of the Rebel Army has grown so much that together I feel we can meet any challenge. Some would call that confidence, some would call it insanity, but I call it finding inner peace, and I don’t give a fuck what other people think about it.

The era of being a Louis XVI musician is at it’s death knell, artists are failing left and right because they still have this idea that regular ordinary “non-celebrity” people exist to worship and serve them in some weird semi religious capacity. Who the fuck do you think you are and how long did you think that was gonna last you spoiled bitch. Have you cowards finally begun to understand that people are tired of that? I’m glad some of you rappers are Recession proof, but your fans aren’t asshole and that’s why they aren’t buying your records. Even the diehard underground fans feel the squeeze of salary slashing, job cutbacks, and the local economy in shambles. Cities in Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, Kentucky, California, have literally seen their economic infrastructure decimated over the past year. I am not a leader in the Underground Hip Hop community by divine right, but rather because my word is unquestionable, my ideas work and I have the power in the street to make moves and command the respect of ideological opposites.

Being independent you can’t exist without earning a more up close and personal amount of support and criticism whether fair or completely unfounded. I love having my personal space and I have definitely checked people seriously for invading it. But besides the handful of incidents, most people just wish to share ideas and when I have the time I am more than willing to politick and as long as this person is respectful answer questions (not straw man arguments), and learn from people of all races, religions, economic situations and walks of life. I hope to run a forum in the upcoming months when launches (finally) on lifting the Cuban Embargo, Socialized Medicine Vs. America’s Plan, Latin American Revolution: The Next Step, and Sikes/Piko:The Middle Eastern Blueprint.” I hope that you will all join me.


People have also been asking me to do a few tour dates before I get back to work so since times are really hard for the supporters of my music so I have decided to announce a “Recession Tour” in September after I finish a couple of dates with Jedi Mind Tricks. The first two shows in Philly and Baltimore (18th/19th) were not by my design so the price is higher but everything else on the tour is about $12adv – $15 day of show. Discount deals will be available on Merch and all that…

The dates are posted on the front page of

Sunday- Sept.20th: Charlottesville, VA

Tuesday- Sept.22nd: Carrboro, NC

Wednesday- Sept.23rd: Asheville, NC

Thursday- Sept.24th: Lexington, KY

Saturday- Sept.26th: Chicago, IL

Sunday- Sept.27th: Bloomington, IN

Monday- Sept.28th: Ann Arbor, MI

Tuesday- Sept.29th: Cleveland, OH

Wednesday- Sept.30th: Pittsburgh, PA

Friday/Sat Oct. 2nd /3rd: New York City

Following me on this trip are Poison Pen whose new album “The Money Shot” is in stores right now! J.Arch who is working on his next mixtape, and my old friend Diabolic, whose murderous debut CD “A Liar & A Thief” is being finished up right now. Please support these brothers when you see them. We are all taking a paycut and rockin’ shows for a fraction of what we would get in order to make people know that Hard Core Street Hop is alive and well. Commercial Rap is crumbling and the industry is falling apart but we are staying strong and thriving, because of the support base that wants to hear real music, real lyrics, and tough beats.


I believe that by the time I am out there the article I wrote for the Source will be in stores. You know I have always had a decent relationship with them, even when people were telling me they were a washed up dying entity I never chimed in for points. I think they still have potential for a comeback in the market. As an independent they gave me Unsigned Hype back in the day and even Hip Hop quotable off the strength of my lyrics and grind alone. But this article that is coming out was never proof read, which is what we agreed to, I don’t know what was left out or cut or recut to make it the product it is. So I might release the whole unedited version myself. Also the ½ I gave them has already been divided into 2 parts, which means this is going to be a 3 or 4 part series if they actually seek to continue it. Afghanistan isn’t an easy thing to sum up, it can’t be compressed into the time limit of your average juvenile drama soaked worldstar video. Also the photo credits that should have gone to C.Stuart (because I didn’t take pictures of myself) were absent and on top of it somehow someone over there wrote on the byline that I was born in Colombia instead of Peru. I’m not mad because I was told these things are being corrected. So I just came here to pass along the message they passed onto me. I’m not here to throw a tantrum because a mistake was a made I am still very grateful to The Source for providing a medium for the message, I just want to keep people who support the music and the movement informed about what’s happening.


My work on the documentary that has taken so many years to compile is almost done. I am home from Peru after looking over the lands that I invested in and I am proud of what I have accomplished. My family is proud of me too, they are happy to see me come home instead of just becoming an “Assimilated Latino” that forgets about his culture and place of origin. Once “Urban Warfare” is done with filming I can return to working on “The Middle Passage” and “Revolutionary Vol.3”. I have a bunch of songs done but more ideas come to me everyday. I’m going to go back to working on some more music and possibly will leak some in the next coming weeks if I can get it down when I return from LA. Big up my dude GK (, Rami my Lebanese brother who stays hitting me up with interesting articles, and all the people who keep up with the newsletters.

Much Respect,



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