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Negroes On Ice [Prince Paul and DJ PFORREAL] (video)

Negroes on Ice is a hip-hop play by Prince Paul and his son P For Real. They came through Boston last night and did a spectacular and original show which included comedy, good music and great talent. Negroes on Ice was about Prince Pauls son basically being a story teller in other words he was a liar. PFORREAL basically came to the stage with a friend and started telling these tall tales which incorporated hip-hop and comedy. Prince Paul and P’s friend would basically call bullshit on all his tall tales of going to the RZA’s house, fighting Manny Pacquaio and punchin Freddie the Foxxx in the face. Theyd incorperate pictures to go along with the stories which gave you a nice visual during the show. Overall I’d give the show a B+ while it was really good I think peoples attention spans are so low that they cant even relax for 45 minutes and enjoy a really quality and original idea/show. Youtube Playlist below of 4 parts they wouldnt let me upload part one due to length so hosting that on vimeo right now.

Peace to Jon from Ohio!!! For coming waay out, Peace to Tha Silent Partner of EMS, Rhetoric of Evil Dead, DJ On and On of JAMN 94.5, Nabo Rawk of Porn Theater Ushers, Wally Sparks, Sleezy Trees, Snyd-One, Marty Cabalero, and all the heads that came out.