The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 68 (Boston HipHop 2023)
The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 68: Boston HipHop 2023
In this amazing episode Vega and Bonafide shine light on our home, our city, the place we love, Boston, or better yet Massachusetts. Vega reviews Thanksgiving the new film by Eli Roth (also takes place in Mass), The HipHopHeads Podcast make it to vinyl via YourOldDroogs album The Yodfather and then we dive right into it! This episode is all about Mass artists, rappers, producers, djs doing their thing. We didnt have enough time to hit everyone but we went in for over 2 hours showcasing some of our favorite local music. We touch on cats that are underground to platinum recording artists. This is a huge episode! If we missed you or you feel slighted A: send me your music, B: Don’t be a bitch. You can change the order of that however you see fit. Thanks for listening send this to everyone you know from Boston/Mass send it to everyone in New England, Send it to everyone who hates Boston! The playlist for this episode is linked below, so if you just want to hear what we played plus some bonus’s tap in to that.

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