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PXR Presents: “The Dark Rift” LP out EVERYWHERE! feat. Ill Bill, Chino XL, Killah Priest, 9th Prince, Tone Spliff & More! (Guerrilla Alliance III)

Planet X Records Presents: “The Dark Rift”

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Album Synopsis:

The Dark Rift is the third album of a trilogy and represents an end of era. Contrary to the pop culture craze of “2012” in which “the end of the world” was promoted to sell books and survival products PXR sought to bring some light to the Mayan calendar. While 2012 represented the end of one age, and the beginning of another. Guerrilla Alliance tackles everything from the Mayan creation mythology, to the long count calendar that is often debated. With features such as Ill Bill (non-phixion / La Coka Nostra), Chino XL, and Killah Priest as well as top notch cuts from Tone Spliff the goal was to raise the standard from the last album. Production from Amos the Ancient Prophet (LCOB Poland), Mir the Bloody (Portugal), and Mac the Rebel (East Coast, USA) the vibe is quite different from past Guerrilla Alliance albums. With a focus on spirituality, and philosophy. The bright future of trans-humanism is explored along with questioning the future of the human race. However with bright light comes the grim darkness of an Illuminati new world order lurking ever so closely in the shadows as an impending doom. What will the fate of man kind be? Enter the Dark Rift!

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PXR Presents “Polar Opposites” free download and please donate to “The Dark Rift” crowd funding campaign (feat. Ill Bill, Chino XL, Killah Priest)

Download free and please donate whatever you can to the Dark Rift!

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“Rome” Single feat. G.A.U.G.E of ST Records

“G.O.E” Single from Guerrilla Alliance prod. By Anno Domini