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E-Nyce – Crowd Mechanic

Just got an alert that our podcast bretheran The Supervisor is setting to release a memoriam album for E-Nyce tomorrow. This will feature many never heard before tracks from E-Nyce. This release shows the skills of the late MC and he was no joke. I hope Y’all can support this album anyway you can. We also did a memorial for E on episode 34 of the rebooted podcast where we also dropped some exclusives that may or may not be heard on this album. Please support by pre ordering from the link below and you can read some info from The Supervisor and peep the tracklist as well. 1.

This is a collection of early tracks by the late, great Edward Loder, aka E Nyce. E was one of the best rappers ever to come out of North Cambridge, MA. He was a gifted MC from a very early age, with a maturity to his style that was far in advance of his years. The earliest works on this compilation date back to 1998, when E was only 16 years old. Featured on this compilation are some of his closest friends: Wally Sparks, North$ide Dro, K the I??? and myself, The Supervisor (at the time I went by Snyd1). The art features a collage of photos of E and his friends from the time when these songs were recorded. A special shout out goes to everyone who helped in the collection of the songs and photographs that went into the creation of this compilation album. All proceeds from this album go to E’s family. Rest in peace E.

releases August 29, 2023

1. Weird Dimension feat. K the I???

2. Great White Hypes feat. Snyd1, North$ide Dro

3. Word Up Like Vertical feat. Wally Sparks

4. Tell Em Something

5. Victims Getting Victimized feat. Wally Sparks, North$ide Dro

6. Newports and 40s feat North$ide Dro

7. No Shell’s Harder feat. North$ide Dro

8. Whatever it Takes feat. North$ide Dro

9. Cursed

10. Keep Watching feat. North$ide Dro, Snyd1

11. Bleed

12. All Confused feat. North$ide Dro


The Supervisor x Dephrase ft King Author – We Do / They Do

The Supervisor and Dephrase are gearing up to drop the long awaited PBS album. This has been in the works for quite a bit and had had us on the edge of our seat awaiting it’s release and that time is almost here! The Supervisor teams up with King Author who just dropped a crazy EP called “Life Flashing…” for this joint “We Do / They do” this one’s a slapper, buy it and share with homies. Hear The Supervisor almost weekly on The HipHopHeads Podcast as well.

The Supervisor – Step DAD 2022 (Prod. Chairman Chow)

Our brother The Supervisor dropped his latest single Step DAD 2022 on Friday. We premiered it last week on episode 36 of the podcast. Chairman Chow handles the production which gives me some serious J-Zone vibes. The Super has been crushing it. Give it a spin rack them numbers up.

Mix Unit Is Ripping Off Every Rapper in The Game

Sunday night live on our podcast we got a package from the scammers @ mixunit.com. They’re bootlegging @Supervisor_HLB and @Chairman_Chow_ new album Cattle Guard that’s only been out for a month. This album can only be purchased legally on cassette and streamed via their bandcamp page or wherever you listen to quality streams. http://supervisorwins.bandcanp.com

Mix Unit Is selling these fake bootleg cds on crappy CDR’s as well as selling the mp3’s on their site essentially taking the food out of rappers mouths. Not only that but they’re also stealing charity albums where the proceeds go directly to the homeless in Boston. The nerve of these scumbags. The Supervisor see’s 0 of these profits, but has put thousands in to releasing the album independently.

Supervisor took it upon himself to order a bootleg and see what you get. Simply put you get a cd on a crappy blue back CDR, you get two cut outs of the cover art and Mish mashed back cover with the track list on cardstock. The images aren’t the highest quality and is using stolen art from their bandcamp page. Honestly, these guys are scum. Imo, it appears they’re scraping bandcamp for mp3’s of any hiphop artist they can find. I’m curious how many disc’s and mp3’s they sell a month and I’m curious if people think they’re supporting an artist but in actuality they’re supporting a bootlegger.

The PO Box for Mixunit is,

The squad
P.O. BOX 340811
HARTFORD CT, 06134-0811

Phone lines are open 1pm-7pm

The sad part is they’re ripping off everyone and nobody is doing a damn thing. From underground to mainstream and these clowns are still striving. We discussed on the podcast we understand if you share some files or dub a tape/cd for your buddy, but actually trying to profit from this is just gross. Let’s come together as a community and take these assholes down. If you have any info on Mixunit email us or call and leave a voicemail. If you know the powers at be drop a dime in the comment section. We will keep you updated as this progresses.

Fuck Mixunit.com

The Supervisor x Chairman Chow – Sweatxedo (video)

The Supervisor and Chairman Chow have a new album Cattle Guard and this is a banger called Sweatxedo I was rocking Mines yesterday. Filmed at Las Vegas and shot by Chairman Chow this video is grimey. Check out the album at

The Supervisor and Chairman Chow – Cattle Guard