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Mr.Hyde ft. Haystyle – The NY Giants Take Over (Deja-Blue)

Some new Mr.Hyde for the Superbowl oddly I’m watching Jekyll on Netflix as I write this.

The new NY Giants anthem by Mr. Hyde and Hastyle. Beat and guitar riffs by Necro from The Crazies (’86 Metal Mix) off Mr. Hyde’s Barn Of The Naked Dead album

Necro and Mr.Hyde Live @ The Middle East 1-21-11 (pics/video)

Necro 1

Necro 2

Necro 3

Mr Hyde 1

Mr.Hyde 2

necro 4

Necro and Mr. Hyde after much delay finally made it back to The Middle East last night and destroyed it. Necro performing all the great joints off his massive catalogue. From Get on your Knees to Creepy Crawl. One of Necro’s best performances I’ve seen and I seen him a handful of times dating back to 2000. The night was not without drama the 2nd or 3rd track in a drunk heckler decided to get wise with Necro (never a smart move), Necro jumped off the stage with a Superman punch and basically destroyed the kid, Necro hit him with 10-15 shots in his brick within 5 seconds laying the kid out but lets not forget the sea of Necro’s cult fans stomping the kid as was being drug out of the spot by Cambridges finest. Peace to S.D.D.S. and my Arlington gang who was in full effect last night, peace to Shawn D, Endust, D-Man, Mixta B, Wisdom, Tyler B, Leah, lil Laura, Budds (spelling), Flett and anyone else I forget sorry. If you wanna peep more pics click here.