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Soul Veggies: Mega Ran and Storyville Live @ TT Bears and Game Underground (pics/video)

The almighty Mega Ran graced the Boston area with his partner in rhyme Storyville, and together they form Soul Veggies! Which is also the title of their joint album they just dropped yesterday on Brick Records. They came through T.T. Bears on Valentines Day which you can see the pics above. They ripped shop going through a bunch of new tracks off the Soul Veggies album. Mega Ran and Storyville didnt disappoint giving a taste of the old gems for the crowd that came out during the storm warning. Sadly, I had to leave early and didn’t get the freestyle or Splash Woman that he performed but don’t bum out just yet! Mega Ran and Storyville came out to Games Underground a very dope and low key game shop/arcade in Framingham. They had dozens of flat screens, every console imaginable and a dope live set up for streaming and performances like the one they threw Sunday. Jaime and his wife were really cool people and they run quite a dope shop and they had Meg Ran come through and perform a full set with an exclusive freestyle and a live exclusive of Mega Ran performing Turtle Power! Enjoy the pics and video!

Cannibal Ox Reunion Show In Boston (pics/videos)

Last night history was made again… The great Cannibal Ox with their first show in Boston @ The Middle East Upstairs. They performed tracks off their classic album the Cold Vein also alongside with DJ Cip One of Atomz Fam. The Chemistry was still there and the crowd was incredibly hyped, singing a long to every track from The Cold Vein. Only downside…. They didnt do Pigeon or Scream Phoenix (sad face) but they did atleast half the album and killed it. I was incredibly happy to see the duo back also Cip One had some serious juggling skills. If Cannibal Ox is coming near you get out there and support you won’t be disappointed. If they aren’t coming to a spot near you don’t worry I filmed their whole set. I also took a ton of photos click HERE for that. You’ll also find some photos of IRealz and Double AB in there too, and I got videos coming soon of their performances. Peace to Chris Faraone and Leedz.

cann ox 1
cann ox 2
cann ox3
cann ox 4

Moe Pope Live @ Church 5-26-11 (pics/video)

Moe Pope1



Moe Pope is an up and comer from Boston and the kid is really good! This is the 1st time I caught Moe Pope live and I’m happy to say he’s different and surprisingly good. His DJ plays drums while scratchin’ his producer is doing heavy work on the keyboards and Moe just rips the Mic he described his set as being the best he’s ever done, I can vouche that I was very impressed. His latest album which the name escapes me? Black and White maybe? i dunno is very good too pick it up and see the kid live! Check more pics HERE

Action Bronson Live @ Church 5-26-11 (pics/video)






Action Bronson came all the way from Queens last night to perform at the Tall Boy 1 Year Anniversary Party presented by PBR. Shit was a blast with great performances by Brick Records artists Moe Pope and Blacastan. Action performed a great set spittin’ some fan favorites like Shiraz and Barry Horowitz among many others. The Queens MC’s first time in Boston was surely a memorable one atleast for myself. We took a slew of PICS which you can see HERE. Peace to Action Bronson hope you enjoyed your stay in Beantown.