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Papoose – Alphabetical Slaughter Z-A (video)

2:30 in and the song is just starting and I was ready to turn this shit off 2:29 seconds ago. The video looks pretty low budget as well, not sure sure if the cameraman knew how to take his focus off infinity. The beat is pretty much the same as the OG version don’t expect anything new there.

Poll: Will Papoose’s Long Awaited Nacirema Dream Be A Classic Or A Flop?

Papoose, I was a big fan of his at one time, the kid could spit, and when he dropped the Alphabetical Slaughter A-Z I was probably one of those guys saying he was the best (for the time period). When he had this buzz and signed the 1.5 million dollar deal all you heard about was The Nacirema Dream, and that it was coming soon, I think that was in 2005? Fast forward 8 years after multiple pushbacks, possible shelvings, and just all around mystery surrounded this album and it still hasn’t dropped. Papoose recently announced it was dropping on March 5th which I believe is also Papoose’s B-Day. But to nobody’s surprise it was pushed back yet again! This time to March 26th, will it drop then? Who knows? But the question remains if it does drop will it be dope? Will Papoose drop a possible classic to be remembered forever? Or will he drop a pile of shit and lose his crown as the self proclaimed king of NY thus becoming the clown prince of hip-hop? I suppose only time will tell…

01. Intro
02. Motion Picture
03. Mother Ghetto
04. Aim Shoot f. Mobb Deep
05. Skit
06. Cure f. Erykah Badu
07. naciremA Dream
08. Pimpin Won’t Die
09. 6AM f. Jim Jones & Jadakiss
10. Skit
11. Law Library Part 8
12. Whats My Name f. Remy Ma
13. On Top Of My Game f. Mavado
14. Faith
15. Turn It Up f. DJ Premier
16. Die Like A G
17. Get At Me f. Ron Browz
18. Where I Come From f. Dada stone, Odog, Manson, Kino & C-Brown of Thugacation
19. R.I.P
20. Alphabetical Slaughter Part II / Z to A