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The Dunnas (Oak Lonetree & Big Dese) | Freestyle | Rap Is Outta Control …

Our brothers The Dunnas ran up in NYC and left a body at Rap is Outta Control. Big Dese absolutely killed this, he went straight dumb on this. Waltham representing hard! The Dunnas been a serious problem glad to see them both shine bright here. Peace lord!

Oak Lonetree x OK DOK – Pith

Man, Oak Lonetree just keeps dropping bombs on us and I’m all over it. His consistency is insane! Dope release after dope release and never letting up. OK DOK laces Oak with some bangers. Here’s some more info, stream it and buy it.

– spongy white tissue lining the rind of an orange, lemon, and other citrus fruits.
– the essence of something.
“a book that he considered contained the pith of all his work”

– remove the pith from.
“peel and pith the oranges”
– pierce or sever the spinal cord of (an animal) so as to kill or immobilize it.


released October 31, 2022

Raps by Oak Lonetree.
Production by OK DOK.
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Chairman Chow at Triple Decker Studios.
Artwork by Egadz.

Oak Lonetree x Chairman Chow – Extra Feta (album)

Oak Lonetree and Chairman Chow team up like Parrish and McHale and deliver another banger of an EP for their “Feta” series. This time it’s Extra Feta and team once again delivers. What a damn duo pick this up and support our brothers.

Oak Lonetree x Will C. – Everything Must Glow

Oak Lonetree one of our main men tags in with the incredible Will C for the production on Everything Must Glow. This album is funky as hell, don’t sleep on it.

Everything must glow. In order to access the power and glory here, in this realm. In order to survive on a planet vibrating in dissonance. Picture a geometrically sacred tower shaken, crumbling from high above. Ancient architecture crashing down with immense gravitational pull. Withstanding the chaotic forces, a colossal oak tree remains intact and deeply rooted. The gateway to equipping infinity armor comes into clear focus. Flow like water, harness fire, transform air, reanimate earth. Nourish your body and mind and flourish forever.

Oak Lonetree walks this path. He is a man who has tapped into a new wavelength and crafted the soundtrack to a triumphant life. Main Source broke the atom. Ultramagnetic traveled at the speed of thought. Oak Lonetree is the light particle supercharger. For the listener, this is superhero theme music. The backdrop to smashing obstacles and conquering demons. Illumination. Photosynthesis.

Behind the boards is Will C. Every beat an anomaly. Faders locked in with the mathematical precision of a lunar launch. Drums smacking, surface noise crackling, VU meter glass shattering. Everything must glow, and the man on the mix is a superstar shining.

Music can be the catalyst. You can crash through walls and swing the world championship belt over your head like a helicopter propeller. Oak Lonetree and Will C. are just here to remind you. Put this in your deck and power slam your demons.

Oak Lonetree x Will C.

Oak Lonetree x Chairman Chow – TL2 (album)

Oak Lonetree and Chairman Chow team up yet again for another banger. Recorded in a tree I think this one will really grow into something special. These two are just working their asses off right now, it’s a beautiful thing. Peep the album, support, salute!