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Newbury Freestyle Tape II (circa 96?)

Newbury Freestyle Tape II
The Newbury Freestyle Tape is pretty legendary it’s the holy grail of the underground hiphop scene specifically Boston. This is the tape where many established MC’s got their start. Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, Rip Shop, among others all got there start on this tape. This is unbelievably rare and it’s pretty much non-existent and has never been leaked to the internet you can’t even find info of this on the net check Discogs! This is 90 minutes of fresh material ripped directly from tape and cut up by freestyle. The quality is extremely good, I also have side A and B ripped directly in two 45 minute tracks. Take a step into 1996, back when dudes used to really freestyle.
Liner Notes
T-Maxx, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, KT, Low Key, Mikst Nutz, Mr. Duff, 7th Child, God Complex, Polecast, M Slash and more!

Full Tape with all tracks cut up and OG Rips of Side A and Side B below,

Who Wants FREE Tickets To See Immortal Technique, Mr. Lif, Sabac, and Professor Griff This Weekend In NJ?

As the title states we got access to some Tickets for a weekend show @ The Rittz Theatre In New Jersey, if you can help promote this show via facebook/twitter etc. we’ll give one lucky winner 2 TIX to tomorrows show. This line up is real dope too I’ve had the privilege of meeting and seeing all these guys perform multiple times in the past and they all rip shop. Whomever can provide a link to their twitter feed/facebook and whomever has the most retweets/likes will be the winner, in the case that there’s a tie I will pick the winner at random and runner ups will be given a digital mixtape created exclusively by me for the contest and WILL be exclusive to the winners and will not be posted on the site.You can easily share this post to facebook and twitter by pressing the buttons directly .below this paragraph

WKCR 54 Min Freestyle Mr.Lif, Cann Ox, El-P, J.Treds, Mr. Len, Murs, Lord Sear, Yak Ballz, Kasim, Lyric, Jean Grae

My homie requested this so I went diggin’ and luckily for him I still had it after all these years. And lucky for you if you havent heard this, for real underground hip-hop history right here, this is where it all started for many. This is the start of Def Jux these dudes went off for an hour. It’s unfortunate many of these MC’s never dropped LP’s on Def Jux but most of em had some classic vinyl cuts via the label and IMO, Cann Ox, Mr. Lif, Murs and El-P all dropped classics on there. I may have missed an MC in the title perhaps it was Breeze Brewin but perhaps that was another cypher. Peace to Bobbito.