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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 68 (Boston HipHop 2023)

The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 68: Boston HipHop 2023
In this amazing episode Vega and Bonafide shine light on our home, our city, the place we love, Boston, or better yet Massachusetts. Vega reviews Thanksgiving the new film by Eli Roth (also takes place in Mass), The HipHopHeads Podcast make it to vinyl via YourOldDroogs album The Yodfather and then we dive right into it! This episode is all about Mass artists, rappers, producers, djs doing their thing. We didnt have enough time to hit everyone but we went in for over 2 hours showcasing some of our favorite local music. We touch on cats that are underground to platinum recording artists. This is a huge episode! If we missed you or you feel slighted A: send me your music, B: Don’t be a bitch. You can change the order of that however you see fit. Thanks for listening send this to everyone you know from Boston/Mass send it to everyone in New England, Send it to everyone who hates Boston! The playlist for this episode is linked below, so if you just want to hear what we played plus some bonus’s tap in to that.

King Author – Life Flashing…

King Author recently dropped a new one called Life Flashing… Which I picked up the other day. I gotta say, this might be some of King Authors best work lyrically. He’s a great storyteller and weaves rhymes together effortlessly it seems. His catalog keeps growing and his talents as an MC are really blossoming here. He’s also has a great ear for beats, I really enjoyed the production on Life Flashing… Do yourselves a favor and give the free joints a couple spins, and if you feel inclined drop the 9 bucks for the album and support real hiphop. King Author is a dude from mass you need to watch. Salute!

The HipHopHeads Podcast: Bonus Episode (King Author Interview)

http://thecryptonline.com presents The HipHopHeads Podcast
Bonus Episode: King Author Interview

King Author has been on a tear since 2020’s Insurgent Theory, which saw the Framingham MC return to the game with a vengeance equal to what’s shown on it’s cover, a recently exploded vehicle engulfed in flames. Since then he’s dropped 5 more projects: 3 EPs (including the Chairman Chow produced Burnt Ships) and 2 full length albums, Transitional Assistance and Killer’s Manual, with the equally prolific Zagnif Nori. His latest project, entitled Now Streaming… is being fully distributed on all DSPs, unlike most of his work which is only available via his BandCamp or on tape via Icy Palms Records. The EP’s lyrical content is equal parts militancy and philosophy with Author putting on a MCing clinic over high quality production from Dark Arts, Willy Low, Quisstar, Chuck Chan and Haleem. The Supervisor caught up with Author over the weekend for an interview available exclusively on thecryptonline.com’s HHH Podcast to discuss his recent high level of output, the underlying philosophy behind his music, some of his influences and what to expect from him in the coming year. Also, be on the look-out for an exclusive, limited run vinyl release of Killer’s Manual on Good Felons Records dropping 1/22/22 and a tape release of his 2017 album Mixed Reality on Icy Palms dropping soon.