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Onyx, M.O.P. and Hip-Hop on Kickstarter

Whats good everyone, I hope you had a good holiday (Thanksgiving). This being the season of giving it’s only natural you give stuff to loved ones, support causes you care about, and help out those in need, which bring us to this post. Rappers have been using Kickstarter for a while now to fund projects and some of them can turn out to be pretty damn successful such as Run The Jewels or go far above and beyond expectations such as De la Soul. Other times it can be unsuccessful and fall flat, like Cannibal Ox’s Return or you can go the Iron Solomon route and be successful but never deliver whats promised to the fans, or get hyped have people want the music but miss the target because expectations were too high like The Geto Boys.

Needless to say HipHop and Kickstarter have a up and down relationship. For those that dont know what Kickstarter is its basically a website where people bring their ideas, art, concepts, projects to life from funding from you the people! It’s actually a really great concept, but it can also be depressing, like when great hiphop groups cant get the funding they need to make their project come to life. Onyx and M.O.P. have headed down this path with production crew called The Snowgoons. The Snowgoons are a collective of highly talented producers and DJ’s have a pretty good underground following. M.O.P. and Onyx are legends in the rap game, Sticky Fingaz and Fredro Starr from onyx’s rap careers were so big at one time that they blossomed into tv and film stars. M.O.P. has had along career in the game and theyre easily one of the most respected and real rap groups in the game, like Onyx. So when you have this trifecta of greatness what makes people not want to give?
I recently backed my 1st Kickstarter, it’s not hiphop related but video game related. A Youtuber/Podcaster named Pat Contri better known as Pat The NES Punk has been working to put out a book called Nintendo NES Library Guide & Review Book of 750+ Games! He’s been teasing this book for a while and I’m a lover of Nintendo/NES so I had to have this. The book was $66 and I had no problem shelling it out after seeing some of the samples provided on the kickstarter page. Plus, Pat knows his shit no matter how goofy or annoying he is. Pat reached his goal of $16,500 in less than an hour and by the end of the 1st day he raised $35,000 and by the 2nd day $60,000 and right now he’s at a cool $65,000 and has 24 days left for people to fund. Thats just staggering!
Now how on gods green earth with people screaming how they “want real hip-hop”, “bring New York back”, “hip-hop is dead” can they not support a project like Onyx and M.O.P.? It’s baffling. The guys who brought us Slam and Ante Up cant get funding? They’re about a week in and are just under $6k with 80 backers their goal is $30,000 which is a low number. Only 80 people want this? Hell they have over that amount of people in their group 100 MAD lol. Is this just a bad time to be a hardcore rapper? Or are fans just cheapskates? How can Onyx and M.O.P. get the funding? Do they need to give the fans a taste of some new music with the Snowgoons? I heard the M.O.P. and Snowgoons album and it was pretty good, it was called Sparta. It was short but hardcore from start to finish, but would you expect anything less from the Brownsville crew? Is it because the Snowgoons are unknown to the fanbase? This could be it especially if you grew up in the 90’s listening to hip-hop but fell out in the early 2G’s you probably have fond memories of Onyx and M.O.P. but are like “who the fuck are the Snowgoons?” On the same card Snowgoons have a big fan base across Europe and USA for being staple and quality underground producers.

Help get this project off the ground by visiting their kickstarter page, or feel free to sound off in the comment section on why you’re backing or not backing this project. I’ll try and send a few bucks to get a cd or vinyl from them if the project can take off if not maybe we’ll never see this album come to light or maybe these labels can take a chance on 3 great crews coming together to make some good music.

Snowgoons x iHipHop Interview (video)

iHipHops Jeremy G. caught up with The Snowgoons while they were in NYC to give us this exclusive interview. It’s the only available interview with the whole team. Here’s some more info, and that Reef vs Snowgoons and M.O.P. vs Snowgoons are both now in-stores.

In this exclusive interview with iHipHop.com, DJ Illegal, Det, Sicknature & J.S. Kuster, collectively known as the Snowgoons talk about the formation of the production crew, working with M.O.P. on the new album “Sparta” and the difference between American and European hip-hop fans. Snowgoons’ new collabo album with M.O.P., “Sparta” is in stores now and can be purchased on iTunes here: COP IT