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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 54 (Will Rap for Ramen)

The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 54: Will Rap for Ramen

The Supervisor returns from jet setting from his undisclosed location. We discuss Ben Nice’s wedding, the man is married now! There’s tons of new Boston music from friends of the show, King Author, M-Dot, and Don Def. We talk about 38 Spesh’s new album, Afroman trolling and greatness of Kool Keith. We review Rap Snacks new item Rappin’ Ramen, we got our hands on Boosie flavor and E-40, which ramen reigns supreme and hnow does it compare to other ramen’s? Tune in to find out that and so much more on this spine tingling episode!


Kool Keith & Phil Anselmo Interview

I Mentioned this on last night’s podcast and got some strange looks!

This gem a lot of you haven’t seen, dropped last spring and while no music has come out of this yet, we can hope! Feel free to harass them about it on twitter!  https://twitter.com/UltraMan7000 https://twitter.com/philiphanselmo

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