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Dyzlectic Octo (K the I and Sir Pyro) – The Epee

This is an album that was supposed to come out on Biscuithead Records. Sadly, the label folded in the early 2000’s and this album never came out, in other words it’s unreleased. The Supervisor went diggin’ through plastic and blessed me with this gem and now I bless y’all with this never before heard exclusive. This album is the creation of K the I and Floyd Whigam aka Sir Pyro both hailing from Cambridge, Mass. They both handle the rhymes and K the I produced 4 of the albums 5 tracks. It also features production and rhymes from Insight, and another guest spot by Karma. This is the epitome of underground hip-hop at it’s finest, give it a listen and take a look back at some great Boston hip-hop.