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Cool C To Be Executed Tomorrow

Cool C
Philly hip-hop legend Cool C probably best known for his beef with the Juice Crew or being a partner in crime with rap brethren Steady B is being sentenced to death tomorrow. If you don’t know the story Steady B and Cool C robbed a bank in 96 which went way wrong. Steady B was the getaway driver and they did get away but not before a silent alarm was tripped and the police showed up. Cool C in a not so cool move shot the officer that responded a female officer mind you and killed her. Steady B is serving a life sentence for the crime, Cool C being the trigger man was sentenced to death… 19 years later Cool C’s time has come and he must pay for the crime he committed. Cool C and Steady B’s legacy to Philly hiphop is undeniable but sadly their actions has tarnished the great music they made.

R.I.P. Cool C.
Steady B