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It looks like our man Paz is goin at Tech cuz he recently called himself The Cult Leader and everyone hear knows that Ill Bill is The Cult Leader and Paz wasn’t hearin that so he dropped this joint.
Last night I received an email from ENEMYSOILPROMOTIONS@GMAIL.COM sending out this track I get a lot of shit from enemy soil so I didn’t think anything was fishy but apparently some fuckin prick is posing like they’re lil track was titled sending out fake shit, I sent it to vinnie via twitter and he quickly shot the track down claiming bullshit, I’m glad I sent it to him cuz I don’t think I would’ve found out to be a faux diss track and the joint would’ve stayed up, its down and will stay down. We want to apologize to Vinnie Paz and Tech N9ne for any confusion and also send out a warning to watch out for fake emails containing this track from ENEMYSOILPROMOTIONS@GMAIL.COM

Jedi Mind Tricks – Violence Begets Violence (album cover/tracklist)


Album cover for Jedi Mind Tricks latest release on Enemy Soil Records called Violence Begets Violence, droppin’ October 25th


1. Intro
2. Burning the Mirror
3. When Crows Descend Upon You feat. Demoz
4. F**k Ya Life feat. Blacastan
5. Imperial Tyranny feat. King Magnetic
6. Design in Malice feat. Young Zee & Pacewon
7. Weapon of Unholy Wrath
8. Target Practice
9. Carnival of Souls feat. Demoz
10. Willing a Destruction onto Humanity
11. Chalice feat. Chip Fu
12. BloodBorn Enemy
13. The Sacrilege of Fatal Arms
14. Street Lights

Outerspace ft Blacastan and Esoteric – Bodega Gospel


Outerspace’s newest album My Brothers Keeper is out today! It’s available everywhere so pick it up! This is a cut off the album called Bodega Gospel featuring Blacastan and Esoteric, its that AOTP ish, don’t sleep.

Vinnie Paz – Keep Movin’ On

Vinnie Paz with a banger off his debut album Season of the Assassin, limited vinyl now available @ enemeysoil

Vinnie Paz “Keep Movin’ On” Feat. Shara Worden (produced by MoSS) from Vinnie’s debut solo album, “Season of the Assassin” in stores June 22, 2010.

“Keep Movin’ On” features a unique cast of stars, including Philadelphia icon TONY LUKE JR (producer, star of “The Nail,” “Invincible,” etc.) playing the part of a down-and-out factory worker. Portraying a U.S. Marine and Iraq veteran is SCOTT VOGEL (lead singer of the hardcore band Terror), and in the part of his hometown girlfriend is the stunning GINA LYNN (the “Julia Roberts” of the adult film world).

“Keep Movin’ On” is directed by JOE FRANTZ (producer and cinematographer known for his on-screen cameos on JACKASS, MTV’s VIVA LA BAM, BAM’S UNHOLY UNION, the CKY VIDEO SERIES, etc). Frantz has also served as both producer and cinematographer all of the classic BAM MARGERA music videos and reality/making-of features which have sculpted the face of the alternative European music scene for the past decade (HIM, CKY, The 69 Eyes, Viking Skull, etc.).

The video was produced by Doug Sakmann (former VP at Troma Films) and currently of Backseat Conceptions in Philadelphia, PA.