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Gawdbless x Dustmightz – Drexl Spivey

Man, it makes me happy to post this one! Gawdbless one of TheCrypt’s very own MC’s teams up with TheCrypt’s very own Dustmightz on the production and they serve up a banger! It might be veterans day but Y’all thought it was white boy day! Peep this joint run the numbers up and let’s hope we get more tracks from this duo!

Cold Slither (Nathan Haskill x Dustmightz) – Drowning Demons

My brother’s Dustmightz and Nathan Haskill are back as Cold Slither! I’ve been waiting a hot minute for this project and have heard some snips here and there as it was being built. I haven’t got a chance to listen yet but if it’s anything like the others on the series you won’t be disappointed. Dustmightz is an incredible producer and Nate has some serious chops on the mic. Don’t snack on this and if you give it a buy and support.

Cold Slither (Nathan Haskill x Dustmightz) – The Last Laugh

It’s the end of the year and as promised Dustmightz and Nathan Haskill deliver The Last Laugh possibly the last album in their Cold Slither series. Dustmightz and Nate crush this and this might be their best effort yet! Check it out and support these guys if you can!

Nathan Haskill – Cannon Fodder

The brother Nathan Haskill is back with other killer joint called Cannon Fodder. Expect a lot of great references and bars galore on this release, as well as some crushing beats as Dustmightz is back to the boards serving some fire as well midiclorian and fuzzy Dunlop. Give this album a spin and support if you can Nathan is top tier.

Dustmightz – Nothing Lasts Forever (album stream)

Man, Dustmightz (Jigsaw) and I go back to the 90s. To say I sweat this dudes production is an understatement. But now Y’all can see what my hypes been about. Dustmightz after years of development is delivering Nothing Lasts Forever. Im so excited for this release and I’m so happy for Dust for finally completing his passion project. Give it in a spin and support if you can.

Episode 46– An episode…. with shitty quality

A young punk was put in charge of the broadcast and wouldn’t you know it.. he fucked up…. here is the full episode errors and all… (about 6 or 7 minutes in the beginning)
Direct Link – http://etp.fuckyourpodcast.com/ep46.mp3


Episode 45– An episode

This is an episode where we talk about things with our mouths so you can listen with your ears… enjoy.
Direct Link – http://etp.fuckyourpodcast.com/ep45.mp3