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King Author x Chairman Chow – Burnt Ships

King Author and Chairman Chow link up to bring us Burnt Ships the latest in the Massachusetts duo’s releases. Chow must be one of the hardest working people in the Boston Hiphop scene. King Author is a nasty ass MC too check this out! Buy the record support it!


This is a jam basically a grip of Boston MC’s get together to destroy a beat by DNA MUSIC. Some of out homies are featured such as Chilla Jones, Dre Robinson, Singapore Kane, M-Dot, Oak Lonetree, Big Dese, Chairman Chow and DL to name a few. Peep it it goes hard

Big Dese x Chairman Chow – Acclimated (video) + Sensuous Sicilian (album)

Big Dese with a huge banger with this joint called “Acclimated” also a dope ass beat by Chairman Chow. I see you Oak! Give this joint some support. Here’s Big Dese and Chairman Chow album below called “Sensuous Sicilian” the album knocks!

The Supervisor x Chairman Chow – Methadone Myles

Hiphopheads Podcast alumni The Supervisor is back this time a Collab with our friend Chairman Chow providing the beats. This is a concept album about the Methadone Mile in Boston and is just crazy. If you purchase the album every dollar gets donated to the Pine Street Inn (Boston Homeless Shelter) and to Boston’s homeless. It’s a short joint but really delivers in every way, super raw stuff here. Feel free to stream below and throw them some loot it’s for a good cause.

The Methadone Myles EP was created in order to tell stories that are rarely heard from a place that the city of Boston has tried for years to forget. In order to bring much needed attention and funding to organizations that are helping people survive and escape from Methadone Mile, all proceeds from this project are being donated directly to the Pine Street Inn and Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program. A limited number of CDs are available by submitting proof of donation to either of those organizations along with a shipping address and emailing that information to contact@methadonemyles.com. http://methadonemyles.com/

G Fam Black x Oak Lonetree x Chairman Chow – Black Mammoth

The treacherous trio of G Fam Black, and Oak Lonetree over some Chairman Chow production is a very awesome. Check this out and support over on the bandcamp. This is off the forthcoming The Program.