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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 30 (The HipHop Movie Discusion) Presents The HipHopHeads Podcast Episode 30 The HipHop Movie Discussion

In this episode Bonafide and Vega talk about some new music they’ve been tapping into. Bonafide hits us with a curve ball of a artist/album suggestion. Vega puts Bonafide on to UFO Fev and then we talk hiphop movies. What makes a hiphop movie? Are hood movies hiphop movies? Are rappers in a movie a hiphop movie? We go down a long list discussing some of our favorites, some obscure and some of the worst. Don’t miss this one!


The HipHopHeads Podcast: Bonus Episode (Mega Ran Live @ Game Underground 2/15/22) Presents: The HipHopHeads Podcast Bonus Episode Mega Ran Live @ Game Underground, Framingham Ma, Feb 15, 2015.
February 15 2015 was a huge blizzard here in the Northeast. I got into my Subaru and drive 75 miles to see Mega Ran perform live @ small video game shop on rt 9 in Massachusetts. Mega Ran came through w/ Storyville to wreckshop for the owners, one other performer and myself. Nobody came out cuz the weather was so bad, Mega Ran was a pro and rocked it like there was a crowd of 500 not 5. I recorded the event and thats what you’ll hear here.

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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 29 (The Greatest Rap Albums Discussion) Presents The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 29 (The Greatest Rap Albums Discussion)
In this episode we see the return of The Supervisor back from South Korea, he tells us stories from his pilgrimage. Mix Unit is back on its bullshit, theyre bootlegging The Supervisor and Chairman Chows Cattle Guard. The Supervisor bought a bootleg from them and we open the package live on air. We discus the top ten rappers of the year presented by Brian B Dot Miller. We breakdown and go through all of Rolling Stones 200 greatest rap albums. This is a long one over 2 and half hours.

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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 28 (50 Greatest Producers List) presents
The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 28 (50 Greatest Producers List)
In this episode we talk about the Cassidy controversy or not really. It’s the ten year anniversary of El-P’s Cancer 4 Cure. We talk about this 50 greatest producers list after the crazy success of our greatest MC list critique. This is a good one, don’t sleep.


The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 27 (50 Greatest Rappers According to Twitter) Presents The HipHopHeads Podcast.
Episode 27 The 50 Greatest Rappers According To Twitter.
In this episode Vega and Bonafide give their thoughts on Kendrick Lamar’s latest album. Vega gives much praise to the new Daniel Son album called The Bush Doctor. The new Hus Kingpin is solid. Then we talk about this controversial 50 greatest rappers list thats been making the rounds on twitter and give our takes on it.


The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 26 (Big K.R.I.T. Breakdown) presents The HipHopHeads Podcast.
Episode 26 finds us doing a Big K.R.I.T. Breakdown. We talk about his body of work and his new collab album with Girl Talk, DZA and Wiz. We also touch on a plethora of new releases such as Copywrite High Exalted II and his beef with John Cena. Action Bronson drops a new album and it may be his best yet! Ransom and Nick Craven drop a damn banger. Your Old Droog is prepping his latest album YOD Stewart and we discuss so much more!