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The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 44 (DJ Muggs)
The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 44: DJ Muggs
In this episode we review Lil Yachtys Pizza can Lil Yachty make a good frozen pie or will it miss the mark!?

We also discuss some new music from King Author, 38 Spesh, among others. We discussed our excitement for the Rome Streetz show happening in Boston this week. Our main topic we go into the incredible career of DJ Muggs and how prolific hes been through his 30+ years in the game. From Cypress Hill to Soul Assassins and most recently becoming one of the hardest working producers in the underground scene his influence is undeniable. If youre a fan of Muggs or unfamiliar with his body of work you’ll love this episode.


The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 43 (New Music Ketchup)
The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 43: New Music Ketchup
In this episode we talk about The Celtics amazing early season run. We talk about all the new music ketchup, we rundown Westside Gunn 10, Cormega, Stove Gods run, Che Noir, Armani Ceasar, Busta and Big Daddy Kane, Jun Classic, Cold Slither and so much more. We also talk about the passing of longtime Monsta Island Czars member Spiega.
You can donate to his gofundme HERE and peep his old bootleg album Forgive Them Father HERE

The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 42 (R.I.P. Tame One) Presents: The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 42 R.I.P. Tame One
We had a different episode planned for this but as we sat down to record we got word that Tame One of The Artifacts and The Weathermen passed away as wew were about to start the show. So we dedicate this episode to the Notty Headed Terror Tame One. We discuss our feature on the new Your Old Droog album The Yodfather. We discuss the passing of Takeoff. We also review The Genosha Records Show we went to put on by HipHop Lifers. Later on in the show were hit with another loss… The passing of Hurricane G.


The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 41 (MegaRan Show Review) Presents The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 41 MegaRan Show Review!
In this episode we discuss the falling out of Kanye West. We get into some local music that just released. We also discuss and review a MegaRan live performance, our thoughts on MC Frontalot, and a whole lot more.


The HipHopHeads Podcast: Bonus Episode (RIP Takeoff)

Rapper Takeoff from the rap group Migos was killed last night in Houston. Rumors are floating around that it was beef over a dice game… Tragic. Vega gives his thoughts on the road after he hear the news. Hopefully you can expect more episode like this in the future hopefully they wont be as somber as this one.

RIP Takeoff

The HipHopHeads Podcast: Episode 40 (2022 BET HipHop Awards) Presents
The HipHopHeads Podcast
Episode 40: 2022 BET HipHop Awards
In this episode Vega and Bonafide discuss The Lair of The White Worm and recents film/tv watchings. We talk about the passing of Coolio and Coolios impact on us. Kanye West in the terrible, awful, no good, very bad, week. Finally we break and review this years BET HipHop Awards hosted by Fat Joe. Tune in for this one you wont want to miss it.