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Boston Rapper T-Max goes in on Ed O.G. song No Classics

(Bo$$)TON {BRR}3[W1N!] Jay Spriggs comes with a great video interview with T-Max about Edo G claiming nobody from Boston had a classic. This is an extremely interesting discussion Spriggs does a great job at moderating it. I want to hear this song. If you’re unfamiliar with T-Max check out the Newbury Freestyle Tape I posted he’s heavy on there and kills it.

Lord Goat and Stu Bangas – Devious

Lord Goat aka Goretex of the incredible Non Phixion has teamed up with Stu Bangas to bring a new album in 2020 called Final Expenses. This is the latest joint, and it’s a Banger, Stu murdered it. Stu Bangas made an album with Ill Bill fairly recently as well which is very good so check that out too. Let’s hope Stu teams up with sabac in the future!