Wordburglar – Welcome to Cobra Island

Pretty dope concept album by Wordburglar, Welcome to Cobra Island. If you’re a fan of old school GI Joe like myself then you’ll love this album. Take a trip with Wordburglar and see if the Joes can defeat Cobra once again. You can scoop it free or make a donation via bandcamp. Peace to Specter for the heads up.

This is it – WELCOME TO COBRA ISLAND – Wordburglar’s brand new concept album set in a world of venomous action adventure insanity! Watch your step…

1. Welcome To Cobra Island (prod. by Bix) 03:08
2. A letter from Snake Eyes – Part 1 (prod. by Timbuktu) 01:45
3. Call Destro (prod. by Beatmason) 03:51
4. Rap-Viper – Wordburglar (prod. by MisterE) 02:41
5. A letter from Snake Eyes – Part 2 (prod. by Fresh Kils) 01:59
6. That guy with the disguises (prod. by Savilion) 03:22
7. Rank & File (prod. by Savilion. Featuring Touch, Chokeules, Esh The Monolith, CasUno, Savilion, Jesse Dangerously, More or Les & Timbuktu.) 04:05
8. I don’t wanna go to Cobra-La (prod. by Beatmason. Featuring Rift.) 03:56
9. Fred Broca – The Broca Beach Remix (prod. by Beatmason) 02:49
10. Venomous Ideology (prod. by Nato) 03:52
11. A letter from Snake Eyes – Part 3 (prod. by Timbuktu) 02:44
12. Chuckles (The Last Laugh) (prod. by Fresh Kils) 03:32

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