Where’s Richard Seymour?

The Patriots traded Richard Seymour to the Oakland Raiders almost a week ago, and Seymour has yet to show up.  The Raiders have now sent a letter to Seymour demanding he show up within five days or else.  If he does not report to the Raiders within five days of receiving the letter the Raiders will suspend him for the entire season and he will not be paid.  This is the final year of Seymour’s contract and he probably has one more big contract left in him.  Normally when players are on the final year of their contracts they play out of their minds to show the rest of the league how valuable they truly are, but I don’t think that applies in Oakland.  Lets face it, the Raiders stink with or without Richard Seymour.  The first round pick that the Raiders traded to the Patriots, most likely, will result in a top ten pick due to the Raiders’ shittiness, so can you really blame Seymour?


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